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SGI to offer Cosmo Worlds for Windows NT (1997)

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Boston (01/29/97) -- In a move that emphasizes its commitment to 3-D graphics software, Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) said it will move beyond its proprietary platform and release a version of its Cosmo Worlds development package for Windows NT.

Separately, SGI announced an agreement with Netscape Communications Corp. to combine its VRML 2.0 (virtual reality modeling language) client technologies into a single plug-in for Netscape's Communicator browser.

Until now, Cosmo Worlds was available only for users of Silicon Graphics workstations. The company said a version for PC will help the industry move forward as well as capitalize on the growing market for Web authoring tools. Cosmo Worlds for Silicon Graphics and Windows NT is scheduled to be released by the end of the year; pricing has not yet been set. The current version sells for $2,300.

SGI will also license Netscape's Live3D VRML client and combine it with its own Cosmo Player viewing software. The result, to be released at the end of the second quarter, will become the default VRML component in Netscape Communicator, Netscape's forthcoming browser suite. Live3D as a product will no longer exist, although elements of its technology will remain in Cosmo Player, spokeswoman Donna Sokolsky said.

The combined effort is expected to offer a VRML 2.0 client for Windows, Macintosh and Unix systems with a common user interface, common JavaScript scripting language, and common Java API (the External Authoring Interface, or EAI).