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Available in 70/85/110MHz versions along with a TurboSPARC 170MHz, though the TurboSPARC will have less compatibility with some operating systems including NeXTSTEP and OPENSTEP. The SS5 is a single CPU design, with the processor either soldered directly to the board or in a socket (a design change likely in later production runs).

The SPARCstation 5 offers two hard disk bays with an 80-pin SCA interface, and a removable media bay for floppy drive and CD-ROM. The CD-ROM uses a 50-pin SCSI interface. For the hard disks, the SCSI ID is based on which drive slot is used and the default boot drive should be installed in the bottom drive bay. If you're using a non-OEM CD-ROM drive it will need 512-byte support to properly read OS discs, and it should be set to SCSI ID 6.


The SS5 features an expansion slot specifically for the framebuffer. The AFX slot is located furthest to the side of the case and was generally populated with the "S24" 24-bit color framebuffer.


The SS5 features three SBus expansion slots, though one of these slots is a shared slot for the AFX based framebuffer. Some types of SBus expansion cards include Ethernet, SCSI, non-AFX framebuffers.


Certain system variables required for system boot are stored in the battery powered NVRAM. As these original factory batteries are typically dead by now, repair kits such as Glitch Works GW-48T02-1 are available to repair the system.

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