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SPARCstation IPC

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CPU Station IPC.01.gif



No power to Ethernet port

Mainboard fuse F0802 may be blown. Replace with compatible 2A 125VAC fuse.

System receives power but does not POST

If the system does not present any warning beeps indicating faulty hardware, ensure you have a hard disk with termination connected to the internal SCSI bus.

Power Supply

The power supply capacitors are known to leak over time and will cause the unit to be non-functional.

PSU Capacitor Reference

Filter caps:

  • 0.22uf, 250v x3

Large cap:

  • 390uf 400vdc

Tall caps:

  • 3300uf 10v x3
  • 1000uf 25v
  • 470uf 25v

Small caps:

  • 47uf 50v x2
  • 47uf 25v x2
  • 470uf 25v
  • 100uf 25v
  • 220uf 16v
  • 1uf 50v

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