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STB Lightspeed 128

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PCI VGA card, available in 2MB or possibly 4MB configurations. Tseng ET6000 chip.

STB Systems presents a new generation of graphics and video acceleration with the STB LIGHTSPEED 128. The pure power of 128-Bit graphics acceleration is now yours at 64-Bit accelerator prices. By using a full 128-Bit graphics engine with advanced Multibank MDRAM technology, the LIGHTSPEED 128 delivers the maximum graphics horsepower with multiple accelerated video windows at full motion with as little as 2MB of memory. Get no-compromise graphics acceleration with enough bandwidth to support full-motion video windows and Plug-and-Play support for Windows 95 games and applications that really fly!

  • Maximum Performance 128-Bit Graphics/Video Accelerator
  • 2.25MB of 720MB/second MoSys Multibank DRAM
  • Supports Multiple Accelerated Video Windows in Resolutions to 1280x1024x256 Colors
  • Integrated Digital Video Engine for Enhanced MPEG-1 and Microsoft DirectDraw Playback
  • Flicker-free Refresh Rates up to 160Hz
  • Tseng Labs ET6000 graphics controller chip

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