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STB Nitro 3D

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STB's NITRO 3D represents the next generation in multimedia graphics acceleration. Now Windows 95 Direct3D and DOS games can truly take advantage of NITRO 3D's full bilinear texture filtering, MIP-Mapping, true perspective correction, and advanced 3D rendering and shading functions. NITRO 3D delivers exceptional 2D performance, full-motion, TV-quality digital video playback, and fatigue-reducing high refresh rates. The NITRO 3D is fully compatible with all Windows 95 DirectX API's and supports major DOS game API's.

  • Advanced Multimedia Engine with
  • High Performance 2D/3D Acceleration
  • Ultra-high Bandwidth Video Memory
  • "Next Generation" Digital Video Playback with Full X/Y Interpolation
  • Up to 16.7 Million Colors for Photo-Realistic Images
  • Up to 160MHz Refresh Rate for Ultimate Image Quality
  • Up to 1600x1200 Resolution Plug-and-Play with Auto-Configuring Features for Easy Installation


  • 2MB of ultra high-speed (600+MB/second) video memory, expandable to 4MB
  • Based on S3's ViRGE GX multimedia controller with full 2D/3D Video acceleration including advanced
  • New Digital Video Engine with better video quality
  • 3D hardware acceleration of texture maps with bilinear or trilinear filtering, MIP-mapping, perspective correction, Gouraud shading, Double-buffer and Z-buffer support
  • 2D hardware acceleration of Bit-Block transfers (BitBLTs), line drawing, cursor operations, dual address bus, and read-and-write bursting
  • API support: Microsoft Direct3D, DirectDraw, DirectVideo, S3 SDK
  • VESA DDC-2B support for Plug-and-Play monitors
  • STB VISION 95 optimized drivers for Windows 95 including full DirectX support
  • FCC Certified

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