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STB Powergraph 64 3D

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STB's new POWERGRAPH 64 3D represents a quantum leap in graphics acceleration technology. For the first time, Windows 95 games come alive in three-dimensional display. New Windows 95 Direct3D-based applications like 3D Web browsers, 3D presentation arts and modeling packages may also be transformed from the ordinary to the extraordinary by the Powergraph 64 3D's combination of shading, perspective-corrected texture mapping and double buffering features. The Powergraph 64 3D supports Microsoft's Game SDK software for 2D primitives (DirectDraw), 3D primitives (Direct3D), live video and MPEG scaling (DirectVideo).

  • 64-Bit Graphics Engine for Accelerated 3D Texture Map & Shading Functions
  • Play Multimedia Video Clips Full-Screen with Full-Motion
  • Up to 16.7 Million Colors for Photo-Realistic Images
  • Ultra-High Resolutions & Refresh Rates Deliver Ultimate Image Quality


  • Plug-and-Play with Auto-Configuring Features for Easy Installation
  • Based on S3's VIRGE graphics controller chip with integrated Digital Video Engine for true color video playback on any color depth desktop with "tear-free" stretching, filtering and color space conversion
  • 3D hardware acceleration of texture maps with bilinear or trilinear MIPMAP, perspective correction, and Gouraud shading
  • Double-buffer and Z-buffer support
  • 2D hardware acceleration of Bit-Block transfers (BitBLTs), line drawing, cursor operations, dual address bus, and read and write bursting
  • S3 Scenic Highway local peripheral bus and VESA standard VGA feature connector
  • API support: Microsoft Direct3D, DirectDraw, DirectVideo, Rendermorphics Reality Lab, Criterion RenderWare, Argonaut BRender, Intel 3DR, also supports S3 SDK
  • Includes drivers for Windows 95 and Windows NT

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