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STB's TV PCI television tuner helps you to tune into Intercast technology the amazing new medium that combines the power of your PC, the fantastic programming options of television, and the tremendous excitement of the Internet. Intercast programming brings an exciting new world of interactive information to your PC. With Intercast technology, you can interact in real time with information related to the TV programming on your PC screen. The Intercast medium gives you the power to:

  • View detailed background information on a breaking news story instantly
  • See stats or feature reports on a sports figure, entertainer or TV event
  • Join other viewers for a real-time Internet chat about your favorite television program
  • Order tickets, clothing or other merchandise as you see it on television
  • Jump instantly to detailed reports on sports, finance or other news topics
  • Select your viewing choice from 99 channels

The new Intercast medium allows television networks to broadcast Internet-formatted information simultaneously with regular TV programs. Using a modem and a direct Internet connection, your Intercast-compatible PC allows you to move seamlessly between Web pages sent with the TV broadcast and related Internet sites all while you continue to watch TV live on your PC screen.

New Intercast-equipped PCs are fully compatible with TV input from cable, antenna or a C-band satellite dish. This powerful new medium offers user programmability and real-time data feeds, including program alert functions, closed captioning and instant stock ticker. Intercast users also enjoy simplified WWW navigation via a personalized Web. Content providers such as NBC, CNN, Viacom and others are currently creating a breathtaking spectrum of Intercast-capable programming. This new medium offers PC users online access to an interactive world of sports, music, news, shopping and entertainment.

The TV PCI television tuner's on-screen control dialog looks and works just like a home TV remote control. Just point and click on the desired channel or volume setting. Or use the easy Windows 95-style tab dialog control to set source selection, parental controls and other TV viewing preferences. These simple on-screen settings can be used to control the size and location of your TV image, channel labeling, scheduling and other convenient functions.

Compatible Video Products:

  • ATI Video Expression, 3D Expression
  • Diamond Stealth 64 Video 2001 Series [models 2201(XL) and 2121 (XL)], 3000 Series [models 3240(XL), 3340, and 3400(XL)], and Stealth 3D 2000
  • Matrox Millenium and Mystique
  • Most motherboards using the S3 Trio64V+, S3 ViRGE, S3 ViRGE VX, or Cirrus Logic 5446 controller chips

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