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STB Velocity 3D

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The STB VELOCITY 3D brings three-dimensional on-screen computer images to a new level of quality and realism. This 2D/3D Multimedia Accelerator is designed specifically to elevate DOS, Windows 95 (Direct3D), and Windows NT 4.0 (OpenGL)-based applications, such as interactive training, 3D Web browsers, 3D presentations, CAD/CAM, games, Virtual Reality imaging and other high-end applications, to levels of three-dimensional performance unavailable on previous generation products. The VELOCITY 3D's extraordinary combination of smooth shading, perspective correction, bilinear-filtered MIP-MAP texture mapping, Z-buffer support and double-buffering technologies give PC users a dazzlingly realistic perspective on games, design and other 3D applications.

  • 4MB of high-bandwidth, dual-ported EDO VRAM (upgradeable to 8MB)
  • Digital Video Engine for smooth full-screen, full-motion video playback
  • Windows 95 Plug- and -Play with auto-configuring features for quick installation
  • Incredibly fast 3D acceleration for stunningly realistic game play
  • Up to 1600x1200 resolution for design, CAD/CAM and other graphic applications
  • View Internet files, 3D games, MPEG and other full-motion video formats with the ultimate in speed


  • 4MB of high bandwidth, dual-ported EDO VRAM expandable to 8MB with 4MB DRAM upgrade module
  • S3 ViRGE VX graphics accelerator
  • 220 MHz Integrated RAMDAC
  • Full 2D GUI acceleration plus 3D hardware acceleration
  • Supports Microsoft Direct3D, Microsoft OpenGL, VESA VBE 1.2, Argonaut BRender, Criterion RenderWare, Rendermorphics Reality Lab, and S3D API's for full 3D application and game compatibility
  • Supports Intel Intercast TV, ProShare Video Conferencing and MPEG-2 Video (DVD) streams across PCI bus
  • Includes MPEG-1 Video Player with X/Y interpolation for smooth full-screen playback at high resolutions
  • VESA DDC-2B support for Plug-and-Play monitors
  • VESA DPMS Power Management features
  • VESA Standard Feature Connector and S3 Scenic Highway expansion connectors
  • FCC Class A* and B, and CE mark certified for low emissions and worldwide compliance

3D Hardware Features
Flat & Gouraud Shading X X
Point Sampled Texture Maps X  
Bilinear Texture Filtering X  
Trilinear Texture Filtering X  
Perspective Correction X  
MIP Mapping X  
Z-Buffering X X
Alpha Blending X  
Video Texture Mapping X  
Fogging and Depth Cueing X  
Double Buffering X X

VRAM is a high-performance memory technology that improves video graphics for PCs. VRAM is similar to DRAM with one huge advantage Ā­ it can be written to and read from at the same time. This greatly enhances performance by allowing the processor on the STB video card to start reading the image from memory and sending it to your monitor without having to wait for the PentiumĀ® processor to finish writing it into memory. The EDO (Extended Data Out) feature further improves the processing power by up to 33% more.

The Velocity 3D delivers the ultimate in speed. It features the powerful S3 ViRGE VX video controller with a full-function 3D accelerator that delivers new worlds of visual capabilities ideally suited to professional CAD/CAM and commercial art design applications, presentation graphics and 3D games. The Velocity 3D also has the most potent integrated digital video engine available for smooth, full-frame, full-motion playback of MPEG, Active Movie, Direct Video, AVI, CD-I, Intel ProShare, Intel Intercast and other video sources.

Most other video accelerators are driven by 135MHz DACs (the part of the video card that converts the signal for display on your monitor). The Velocity 3D features a screamingly-fast 220MHz DAC. This allows the card to support higher resolutions, up to 1600x1200, for the ultimate in image clarity. You also get incredibly high refresh rates of up to 160Hz for a rock-solid image without a hint of flicker.

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