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Science Sleuths

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Science Sleuths CD-ROM is a series of zany mysteries that students solve by investigating clues and conducting experiments in a virtual science lab. The humorous problems are real-life puzzles involving life, earth, and physical science concepts. Students gather information and test their theories by examining dozens of video interviews, news reports, photographs and articles.

Armed with raw data, students record their findings in their electronic notebook and prove their case by taking a fun yet thorough science review. The multi-step review reinforces important concepts and helps students evaluate what they have learned. Captivating characters, real science, and great software finally come together to turn middle school students into full-fledged Science Sleuths.

  • There are two mysteries. Each of the mysteries has six solutions, so there are 12 different outcomes per volume and 24 in the series.
  • A complete virtual science lab with 24 interactive science tools; students can conduct over 600 experiments and tests.
  • 50 minutes of video interviews with witnesses, experts, and memorable characters. Also, 36 animated movies and 25 minutes of audio.
  • Real, searchable science resources provide subtle clues and fascinating information: over 100 illustrations and photos, 125 articles and documents, 128 charts and interactive slide shows, plus an encyclopedia and glossary.
  • An interactive notebook allows students to create and print out their scientific findings.
  • A fun yet challenging science review helps students evaluate what they have learned.
  • Students perform experiments with more than 20 science tools and gather data for their electronic notebooks. The notebook can be edited and printed out as an ideal tool for student assessment.
  • Geiger Counter, Bunsen Burner, Tape Measure, Mass Spectrometer, Graduated Cylinder, Balance Scale, Petri Dish, Knife, Microscope, Chromatograph, Thermometer, and many more!

Volume 1 and volume 2 of Science Sleuths appear to have been two separate MECC products.

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