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Sequential Systems MegaBUFF

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The MegaBUFF card is a high performance, network compatible internal print buffer for the Apple ImageWriter II and LQ printers.

The MegaBUFF card can hold a full megabyte of RAM, making it suitable for use with graphics-intensive Apple IIgs and Macintosh and applications.

The MegaBUFF supports serial communications speeds up to 57,600 bps, comes with a high speed printer driver for the Macintosh, and is LocalTalk compatible!

In networking mode, MegaBUFF can accept up to four incoming print jobs at once - it makes your ImageWriter II or LQ look like four printers!

With its easy installation and high speed, MegaBUFF is the perfect way to enhance your ImageWriter II or ImageWriter LQ.

Serial mode:

  • Up to 57600 baud communications for super-high-speed data transfer
  • 1MB of buffer memory helps free your computer from the drudgery of waiting on your printer, without using background time that makes your computer hard to use.
  • Comes with "MegaWriter" driver software for the Macintosh, which shows the status of MegaBUFF memory as you print.
  • Also comes with "SpeedPort" high-speed driver software for the Apple IIGS.

Network mode:

  • Up to four incoming print jobs at the same time - makes one printer act like four!
  • Easily maintain a number of MegaBUFF-enhanced printers on the same network with the easy to use "Namer" software.
  • Fully compatible with Apple's AppleShare Printer Server software.
  • Works with PhoneTalk connectors (and all other network node-box connectors).
  • Compatible with the Asante EtherPrint and similar products.

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