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Sequential Systems Q-System PC

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Q-System PC is a fully automatic intelligent printer sharing system capable of interfacing up to four computers to a single printer or plotter.

Q-System PC is buffered with internal memory and print data is spooled simultaneously from all ports.

Computers using Q-System PC may be of virtually any type, provided a parallel printer port is available.

Print spooling and queueing is transparent to both user and the user's application software.

Built in printer translators are useful in cases where driver software is not available for a particular printer.

Q-System PC features:

  • Fully automatic operation; no switches or controls to operate.
  • 256K standard buffer, expandable via SIMMS to 2 Megabytes
  • Variable time-out (15 seconds to 90 seconds)
  • Automatic form-feed instertion maintains page alignment
  • Built-in printer translators provide printer/software cross-compatibility.
  • LED indicator shows system activity and status
  • Rugged plated steel enclosure

Q-System PC Technical Specs:

  • Processor: Z80B running at 6MHZ
  • Buffer: 256K expandable via SIMMS to 2MB
  • I/O: 4 centronics-type parallel inputs on 36 pin connectors. One centronics type parallel output on DB-25F (IBM pinout) or one RS-232 serial output on DB-25.
  • Power: 9VDC @ 115V wallpack (provided). 1A maximum
  • Dimensions: W10" X H2.25" X D7"

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