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Serial Access

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There is a program called cu "Connect UNIX" it is in IRIX .. you need to install eoe.sw.uucp or something like that ... look for uucp in your IRIX sets as it is not installed by default... I have a FreeBSD laptop which I use cu to connect to various serial ports. I think the command syntax is something like ....

  cu -l /dev/ttys0 -s 384000

Extract from man page



     cu - call another UNIX system


     cu [options]  [-s speed]   -l line
     cu [options]  [-s speed]  [-l line] [-n] telno
     cu [options]  systemname

     where options can be any of:
         [-h]  [-d]  [-o | -e]  [-c class]

Other notes

Octanes can do 38.4kbps. Make sure that /etc/uucp/Devices and /etc/uucp/Systems on the Octane are properly configured.

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