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ShivaPort communications servers provide dial-up access to the Internet. Outstanding manageability, proven reliability and compatibility, ShivaPort combines the clean connection your users demand with a robust feature set at a low cost per port.

For Internet Service Providers and organizations looking to provide IP dial-up to the Internet, The ShivaPort communications servers deliver the range of features and functions you need. ShivaPort provides the most cost-effective way to connect end users to the Internet and Intranet. ShivaPort is also ideal for connecting terminals and printers to a local area network.

Available with 8, 16, or 32 asynchronous high-speed lines, in a TCP/IP only version, or support for both LAT and TCP/IP. ShivaPort provides network managers with outstanding manageability, unbeatable reliability and comprehensive security. ShivaPort's proven compatibility allows you to protect your existing investments in modems, RADIUS and DHCP servers. End users experience seamless connectivity to the Internet with the browser and PPP dialer they are comfortable with. Easy for end users and network managers, the ShivaPort solution reduces support and training costs.

ShivaPort offers dial in services over SLIP/CSLIP and PPP. IP filtering allows service providers to offer a variety of services to different users. High speed serial lines are able to support V.34 modems and speeds up to 115.2 Kbps.

ShivaPort can be managed locally via an admin port, or remotely via Telnet. It also centralizes management with full support for SNMP. IP addresses can be dynamically allocated to remote devices to save administrators time and effort.

A host of security features includes support for industry-standard RADIUS, TACACS, RADIUS and Security Dynamics SecureID. ShivaPort validates remote users before they can connect to the network. ShivaPort provides extensive management information making it easier to track usage for billing and accounting purposes.

IP Dial-up to the Internet and Intranet

  • Support for standard asynchronous dial-up protocols for Internet access: SLIP, CSLIP and PPP.
  • Allows both dial-in and dial-out via PPP and SLIP.
  • Supports line speeds of up to 115.2 Kbps for seamless connectivity to the Internet and Intranet.
  • Van Jacobsen header compression improves performance.
  • Dynamic IP addressing allocates temporary IP addresses for roving users dialing in over PPP and SLIP, either standalone or using DHCP.
  • IP filtering allows packet filters to be associated with PPP and SLIP users to restrict access to Internet network services.
  • IP routing allows you to incorporate ShivaPort in TCP/IP networks -- no dedicated router required. RIP messages issued when dial-in session initiated and terminated.
  • Use modem Hunt Groups to pool modems on different serial lines. Users gain access to the next free modem.

Simplified Administration

  • ShivaPort can be managed locally via admin port or remotely via Telnet. Delivers centralized management using industry standards, including SunNet Manager. Configure all parameters and table entries using SNMP.
  • Extensive statistics for all protocols and interfaces mean you can easily monitor usage and protocol traffic.
  • ShivaPort provides management information on: connection attempts, audit trails, session data and user logs and history tables.
  • Session data is sent to the RADIUS server for billing and accounting purposes. Each session continues to be sent to the RADIUS server until an acknowledgement is received to ensure accurate accounting.
  • IP filter details can be stored in a centralized server, so multiple ShivaPorts can share filter information, easing configuration and update efforts.
  • Improvements in configuration commands drastically reduce the time spent configuring multiple lines.

Hardware Specifications

  • Up to 32 asynchronous serial ports offering speed of up to 115.2Kbps (8,16- and 32-port models available)
  • Compact hardware box to fit in standard racks
  • RJ45 connectors on serial lines
  • Flash Memory to facilitate software upgrades without PROM changes
  • Sectored NVRAM stores configuration details in case of a power outage
  • Serial line protection safeguards against power surges
  • AUI (10Base5) and twisted pair (10BaseT) Ethernet connectors

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