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A 3 slot PCI to XIO expansion module sometimes found in SGI Octanes and SGI Onyx2 or SGI Origin 2000 machines.

Note that the location of the screws and the location of the XIO connector is different on the Octane compared with the Onyx2/Origin 2000. The Octane, the PCI cards are left to right and the O2K/Onyx2 its up and down.

See Octane subsection on case and expandabiity.

PCI slot IDs (in Hinv ) Pci.identify.slots.gif

Octane without "Shoebox" PCI module Pci.module.blank.metal.panel.gif

With Shoebox

Adding/removing PCI cards. Pci.screw.out.blankp.gif

The external screws in the O2k/Onyx2 one are above the PCI slots not off to the side like the SGI Octane one in the above diagram.

The Origin 2000 and Oynx2 ones are straight up and down with the screws on the bottom.

The Octane ones are sideways with the screws on one side.

The orientation of the compression connectors are also incompatible between the two shoeboxes.


Mod for Onyx2 deskside

Some users have reported a problem on Onyx2 desksides with mechanical interference between a rivet in the chassis and an ear on the bracket that's part of the shoebox. This rivet can prevent the shoebox from seating completely and fully engaging the XIO connector with the midplane. A simple and effective modification to fix this is to cut a corner off the mounting ear of the shoebox as shown in the picture to the right.

Forum post about Onyx2 deskside mod to fix rivet problem

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