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ShrinkWrap is a utility that can easily turn a disk into an electronically transmittable file (via the Internet, etc.) and then just as easily, return it to an exact disk image of the original source disk. ShrinkWrap 3.0 supports all commonly used image file formats, it provides StuffIt compression capabilities, and 40-bit encryption for international and domestic security.

It is a System 7 and OS 8 application that contains both 68k and PowerPC native code, is AppleEvent aware, 32-bit clean, AV, '040 cache, and virtual memory compatible.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Aladdin's StuffIt compression and decompression technology helps users save about 30% more space and is twice as fast as DiskCopy 6.1
  • Automatic BinHex encoding and standard 40-bit dynamic encryption allows for secure and timely Internet transmission
  • Double-click to mount new self-mounting image files as unlocked volumes without additional dialogs
  • Read/Write/Mount support for Apple's NDIF (New Disk Image Format) image files
  • Auto-launch installer feature eliminates writing of DiskScripts and creation of separate files, it finds and launches the installer on the disk image automatically
  • Adds 68k and PPC compression and encryption quickly and easily with the upgraded disk image mounting driver; plug in your choice of components
  • Caching to the hard drive during disk-to-disk duplication to minimize ejects
  • Asynchronous floppy support allows multitasking, ShrinkWrap works in the background allowing users to continue working on their Mac
  • Confirmation of data integrity is provided with CRC-32 and DiskCopy 4.2 checksums

Why use ShrinkWrap? ShrinkWrap sports an easy-to-use drag and drop interface that allows users to create exact duplicates of image files from disks. Features include recreating the exact icon placement, appearance of all windows, and the correct name of the disk. With these disk images, users have assurance that all files have been duplicated correctly and completely.

Disk images are frequently used for backing up original floppy disks to removable media, installing Apple's system updates and system software extensions, distributing multiple disk images on floppies, mounting floppies on Macs without a SuperDrive, creating "instant" RAM disks, distributing software?collections and archives on CD-ROM, and verifying the integrity of development builds. ShrinkWrap is the ideal method of distributing disk images over the Internet.

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