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Also known as Sierra Entertainment, Sierra On-Line, On-Line Systems.

Their online service ImagiNation Network allowed some Sierra games to be played multiplayer.

From our headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, to our far-flung development studios, such as Dynamix in Oregon, Papyrus and Impressions in Massachusetts, plus our European operations, French-based Coktel, we're finding new ways to make our products rock the software world. Why? Because Sierra is made up of remarkably dedicated, slightly quirky (can you say "obsessed?") people committed to creating awesome games, truly helpful home productivity software and all kinds of other stuff to make home computing actually fun.

Given that drive, it's not surprising we've joined forces with other top software publishers, Blizzard Entertainment and Davidson Associates, to become part of CUC International. What does that mean, other than we're playing more Warcraft and You Don't Know Jack around the office? It means that we're creating a great opportunity for many of the brightest minds in software development to share ideas freely and turn them into even better products in the future. Plus, we get to be the big tough guys (or, in corporate-speak, "leverage our marketing presence") when dealing with retailers, so you can find more Sierra products on your local store shelves.

What is neat, though, is that we still retain a lot of the spirit and attitude of the little start-up Ken and Roberta Williams launched at their California kitchen table back in the pre-history days of the late 1970s. Those of us at Sierra actually still care about the quality of our products, and about what you think. That's why we want to tell you all about us and how to reach us if you have questions or problems, or if you're interested in joining our team.

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