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Silicon Graphics Introduces Next Generation of Webforce Authoring and Serving Systems

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Combination of New Hardware and New Software Provides First Integrated Solution to Address Changing Nature of Web Content and Applications

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Silicon Graphics, Inc. (NYSE:SGI), a world leader in Web authoring stations and scalable Web servers, today announced the next generation of WebFORCETM systems. WebFORCETM OriginTM servers offer industry-leading multiprocessing performance scaling up to 128 CPUs in a single system. The industry's first integrated solution for authoring complex, media-rich Web content, WebFORCETM O2TM author/serve workstations come bundled with the company's CosmoTM suite of professional Web authoring tools and software from industry leaders such as Netscape Communications Corporation and Adobe Systems Incorporated.

"Silicon Graphics was the first to introduce an integrated, turnkey Web system," said Kai-Fu Lee, vice president and general manager, Web Products Division of Silicon Graphics. "The Web has changed dramatically since the introduction of the original WebFORCE systems in January 1995. Content and applications are more complex and media-rich. Servers are straining to meet this demand and software tools are not keeping pace. With the WebFORCE systems announced today and Cosmo software, Silicon Graphics is taking the Web to the next level."

WebFORCE Origin servers combine the new Origin server family, also announced today, with Netscape's next-generation, high-performance Enterprise ServerTM software. Additionally, all WebFORCE systems now ship with innovative, Web-based administration and system setup interface. Now the setup and administration of previously difficult to configure utilities, such as DNS, FTP, PPP and POP Mail, can be easily accomplished in mixed PC, Macintosh® and UNIX® environments through a Web browser. Silicon Graphics' WebMeter performance monitoring tool, with a unique 3D user interface, enables the in-depth analysis required to understand and manage complex Web serving environments. All WebFORCE Origin servers also blend seamlessly into corporate enterprise networks through Microsoft®, Apple® and Novell® connectivity options.

Webforce Origin200, Affordable Multiprocessing in a Breakthrough, High-Bandwidth Architecture

WebFORCETM Origin200TM servers are the entry point to the scalable, high-performance line of WebFORCE Origin systems. Offering up to four 180MHz MIPS® R10000TM CPUs, up to 4 GB of shared memory, 800 MB/sec of I/O bandwidth and up to 20 TB of storage, Origin200 servers are the ideal solution for workgroup intranet applications, high-volume World Wide Web sites and entry-level media serving. Origin200 servers also provide rack-mount options for larger, Web-farm applications, which are ideal for Internet Service Providers. Customers now have an affordable solution which provides outstanding performance and scalability.

Webforce Origin2000, The Industry's Most Scalable Web Server

WebFORCETM Origin2000TM servers are based on Silicon Graphics' new ground-breaking Origin2000 high-performance, highly scalable line of servers. Origin2000 servers are based on an advanced, modular, Scalable Shared-memory, MultiProcessing architecture (S2MPTM). With one to eight processors in a deskside module, expansion up to 128 MIPS R10000 CPUs, up to 256GB of shared physical memory and peak system bandwidth of 102 GB/sec, WebFORCE Origin2000 servers are ideal for enterprise-wide, database-driven intranet applications, large video serving applications like computer-based training or distance learning and high-volume Internet commerce applications.

With its unique building-block approach, the WebFORCE Origin2000 architecture eliminates server-sizing guesswork and enables users to meet today's Web requirements while readily scaling to meet the increasingly complex demands of the future.

"WebFORCE Origin servers deliver one of the most advanced and scalable Web

serving solutions in the market today," said Mike Homer, senior vice president of marketing at Netscape. "Integrating Netscape server software with Silicon

Graphics servers provides a powerful solution to customers."

Webforce O2, the Industry's Only Complete Professional Web Authoring and Serving System

Complementing the WebFORCE Origin line of dedicated servers, WebFORCE O2 desktop workstations® offer a complete, turnkey solution for professional Web content authoring and serving. WebFORCE O2 systems begin with Silicon Graphics next-generation O2 workstations, the first workstations designed with the Web in mind. The new O2 system offers:

  • MIPS® R5000TM or R10000 CPU, increasing Web authoring productivity and Web serving capability through increased responsiveness Unified Memory Architecture (UMA) supporting up to 1GB of commodity SDRAM memory, enabling customers to increase computation, texture, imaging and video memory with a simple commodity RAM upgrade
  • Advanced 32-bit graphics with hardware-accelerated texture mapping provide an ideal environment for creating VRML worlds
  • Integrated video processing, providing real-time video storage to disk - simplifying the use of video content in Web site creation
  • A Web-centric desktop user environment, offering intuitive views of Web content, whether on the desktop, an intranet or the World Wide Web

From this robust, Web-centric base, WebFORCE O2 systems then integrate Silicon Graphics and third-party software to provide the industry's most cost-effective and advanced turnkey Web authoring and serving solution. Designed for the new Web content, WebFORCE O2 integrates all the components necessary to build a compelling, immersive Web site:

  • Silicon Graphics Cosmo suite, an intuitive, code-free environment for developing and deploying complex Web sites based on Universal Open Content - content that can be read on any platform and is based on open standards, including HTML, JavaTM and VRML
    • Silicon Graphics CosmoTM Create for HTML advanced page creation
    • Silicon Graphics CosmoTM Code for Visual Java development
    • Silicon Graphics CosmoTM Worlds for VRML 2.0 World creation
  • Adobe PhotoshopTM and Adobe IllustratorTM
  • KAI's Power Tools for image enhancement
  • Netscape FastTrack Web ServerTM 2.0, an easy-to-use, entry-level Web server
  • Netscape NavigatorTM
  • Xing Streamworks 2.0 limited version streaming media server.

The discussion in this news release of new products and technologies contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, including the timely release to manufacturing, the availability of components from suppliers, the impact of competitive products and pricing, and the other risks detailed from time to time in the company's SEC reports, including the report on Form 10 K for the year ended June 30, 1996. Actual results may vary materially.

Silicon Graphics, Inc. is a leading supplier of high-performance visual and enterprise computing systems. The company's products range from low-end desktop workstations to servers and high-end Cray® supercomputers. Silicon Graphics also markets MIPS microprocessor designs, Alias|WavefrontTM entertainment and design software and the WebFORCE line of integrated Web servers. The company's key markets include the World Wide Web, government, commercial, industrial and entertainment sectors. Silicon Graphics and its subsidiaries have offices throughout the world and headquarters in Mountain

View, California.

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