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Sirius Video

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Sirius Video (TM) Coupled with the Onyx RealityEngine² or VTX graphics subsystems, Sirius Video offers users the industry's first combination of real- time digital video processing, computer-generated graphics, 3D geometry, image processing and supercomputing performance. Providing dazzling broadcast quality video, the Sirius Video board is also ideal for scientific and research applications that require full performance

video capture and manipulation.


Sirius Video gives users a single, cost-effective, general-purpose system for video production, post-production, broadcast and interactive television. It offers application developers, scientists and engineers unprecedented performance for digital image manipulation, data capture and record, and sequence playback. And it provides color space conversion and live video texture at real-time rates, for advanced video applications.

Sirius Video Break-out Box Connection


  • Analog Interface: Supports both composite & component formats
  • Digital Interface:
    • Support for 8 or 10-bit devices
    • CCIR 601, two inputs, one output
    • Parallel and optional serial connections
    • Supports full bandwidth processing up to 4:4:4:4
  • Flexible Machine Control
    • VLAN interface
    • GPI input &output; lines