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SoundEdit 16

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Sound recording/editing/mixing application for the Macintosh. Released by Macromedia.


  • 68030 processor or faster, including PowerBook, AV, and Power Macintosh native
  • System 7.1 or higher
  • Hard drive with 15 MB free disk space
  • 16-bit sound input hardware required to record 16-bit sound
  • Apple Sound Manager 3.1, AppleScript 1.1, and QuickTime 2.1 (all three included)
  • 13" monitor or larger

File formats

Opens and saves sound files in the following formats: SoundEdit 16, AIFF/AIFC, Windows Wave (.WAV), Sound Designer II, QuickTime, Sound Edit, System 7 Sound (.SND), Sun .AU, Resource, and Instrument.

Compression support

MA4:1, µ-Law encoding, MACE, MacroMind.


Create multitrack audio documents

SoundEdit 16's multitrack document allows you to edit unlimited audio tracks and output to any of fourteen file formats and compression schemes. Edit at 16-bit for the highest possible quality, then output finished soundtracks in the format that best satisfies your needs. And deliver on every medium from CD-ROM to the Internet.

Apply powerful signal processing

Eighteen special effects, four tone generators, and powerful editing features provide sound processing without expensive digital signal processing (DSP) hardware. Shape sounds with features like delay, normalize, fade-in, fade-out, and envelope. Shorten or lengthen sound files using the Tempo effect to change the duration of a sound without changing its frequency.

Edit QuickTime audio

Add sound effects and music to QuickTime movies. The SoundEdit 16 movie window lets you synchronize audio to QuickTime video thumbnails with frame accuracy.

Supports 14 file formats and compression schemes

Including SoundEdit 16, AIFF/AIFC, Windows Wave (.WAV), Sound Designer II, SoundEdit, QuickTime, System 7 Sound (.SND), Sun .AU, Resource, and Instrument. Compression support includes IMA 4:1 and µ-law encoding.

Visual analysis

Use spectral views and Fast Fourier transforms for sophisticated visualization of sound to identify frequency patterns or distinguish between two similar sounds. Two- and three-dimensional views can be displayed simultaneously.

SoundEdit automator batch processor

Ease your end-of-project woes with batch processing. Convert bit depth, sample resolution, file format-even apply compression. The SoundEdit Automator can convert any number of files with a single mouse-click. For instance, convert any number of Macintosh AIFF files at 16-bit, 44kHz to Windows WAVE files at 8-bit, 22kHz in a single session.

Professional downsampling options

Space and bandwidth are two of the biggest issues facing digital sound designers. Our new dither and brighten options help you create high quality 8-bit, 11kHz and 8-bit, 22kHz files from 16-bit files-perfect for delivery on CD-ROM and the Internet.

Xtras support

Add new effects, importers/exporters, DSP capabilities, or other useful extensions with Xtras. SoundEdit 16 ships with two Xtras: a loop tuner and a multi-tap preverb.

Advanced compression support

SoundEdit 16 now supports IMA compression, a 4:1 compression algorithm for 16-bit sounds. A wide range of sampling rates and compression algorithms help achieve the best balance between file size and sound quality.

CD audio capture

Import standard audio CD tracks directly into SoundEdit 16, then edit, process, and apply effects just as you would any standard file format. Choose to import an entire CD track or just a selection.

Stereo mixer

The new stereo mixer gives you even more control when mixing sounds, with pan and volume controls. For example, create a sound that moves from the left to right speaker and background to foreground in a multimedia environment.

Internet file format support

SoundEdit 16 imports and exports the Sun .AU file format frequently used on the Internet.

Input level controls

You can now adjust input levels to ensure the best quality audio while recording.

User interface enhancements

The new Macromedia User Interface (MUI) features fully customizable toolbars, a consistent Control Panel interface, and floating palettes for frequently used cue points and labels that make SoundEdit 16 even easier to use. Online instructional materials and a complete context-sensitive help system answer your questions instantly.

Includes over 300 MB of clip sounds

From the EARSHOT SFX Library of professional quality foley, looped, and ambient sounds. The SoundEdit 16 sampler includes hundreds of 16-bit, 44kHz, royalty-free clip sounds ranging from camera shutters and animal howls to designed and textured sounds.