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Adam Hinkleys legal battle

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The underground community of Hotline servers continues to multiply, bolting on their own solutions to problems.
According to the editors of The Hotline Conspiracy site, who wish to remain anonymous, the Hotline community has been ``"torn to shreds''". The seizure of equipment from Adam's home was likely ``"justifiable''", and Adam should not have encrypted the code, they say.
``"Lots of people are siding with Jason Roks, saying that Adam was naive, and many, particularly Hotline veterans, are siding with Adam,'' " a spokesman said.
``"Unfortunately, this is a lose, lose, lose situation for all. Hotline Communications takes a development progress hit, Adam loses control over his software as well as the right to develop any new Internet software; and the Hotline user base takes a hit in lack of software updates.''"
But Adam's mother would like to see a simple solution - Hotline Communications can have AppWarrior and Hotline software, in return for releasing her son and her family from the turmoil. She would like to see the non-competition clause removed, and HCL and her son go their separate ways.
``"I think the best thing for him is to have this whole court case behind him as soon as possible,'' " Lehmann said.
``"He's got to feel like there's light at the end of the tunnel.''"

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