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IRIX Installation and Customization

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This article describes the installation and customization of the [[IRIX 6.5.30]] operating system on a [[SGI Fuel]]. None of the tasks are specific to the FUEL or this specific version of the OS, so most of the steps will work for [[IRIX]] 6.5.21 - 6.5.30 and different hardware too. The following steps where recorded during the re-install of my system after the hard disk died.
Well, since Since we already have an article about the core [[IRIX_Network_Installation_to_a_SGI_Fuel|installation over a network]] and also a complete howto , we will only cover some basic information for the manual steps we will skip this part in this tutorial to reduce redundancyactual installation procedure.
See also the wiki entry, creating [[Bootable EFS Images]]
The "nogfxkbd" option allows the machine to boot without a keyboard or mouse connected. Its not needed on a headless system like [[SGI Origin]] 2xx(x) or 3xx(x). The OSLoadFilename variable is only important if the volume header of your system disk doesn't contain the bootfile=/unix entry.
= Prepping disk and installing =
We'll only cover some brief information in this section as more detailed articles exist elsewhere. This will assume you are using 6.5 with overlays and additional CDs, and you are installing to a fresh empty disk.
===Partition Disk===
Insert overlays CD 1 into your CD-ROM drive and enter the PROM monitor. You'll need to know the SCSI bus address of your drive so run "hinv" to obtain this if you don't already know it. You'll need to run "fx" to prep the hard disk.
'''32-bit systems (Indy, Indigo, older etc)''' (replace X with SCSI controller, Y with CD-ROM ID):
boot -f dksc(X,Y,8)sashARCS dksc(X,Y,7)stand/fx.ARCS --x
'''64-bit systems (Indigo2 R10k, Octane, newer etc)''' (replace X with SCSI controller, Y with CD-ROM ID):
boot -f dksc(X,Y,8)sash64 dksc(X,Y,7)stand/fx.64 --x
Once fx loads it should find your hard disk and confirm the details with you before dropping into the "fx>" prompt. Hit "r" for [r]epartition and you should see an option for "root drive" which will allocate almost all the disk for root and give a little bit to swap. After this is done, go back to the root fx menu and hit "l" for [l]abel and opt to sync the disk with "sy" and then exit. You should be able to click the install system software icon and have it start the process.
When the installer system loads it should read the contents of the overlay CD already in the drive, and then prompt you to insert additional CDs to read data from. You will need to insert each overlay CD plus the 6.5 foundation CDs to read the /CDROM/dist data on each. You should also use the 6.5 development library CD, 6.5 development foundations CD, 6.5 applications CD (2003). After each CD is read, select the done option to drop into the Inst> prompt. The following will give you a basic installation:
keep *
install standard
install prereqs
Begin process with "go" and deal with any conflicts as necessary. On a base install of 6.5.22 on an Indy with the noted CDs, I encountered a couple Java conflicts and opted to just not install those packages.
= First tasks after installation =

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