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Beginners Guide to the Vintage Macintosh

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* If the disk image file extension is ".dmg" this is for Mac OS X based computers, not classic Mac OS.
* If you have a disk image which DiskCopy will not read, the file's owner and type codes may not be correct. This may happen to files copied from other platforms without being compressed inside a .bin/.sit/.hqx container. ResEdit can be used to set these attributes (match them with a working disk image file).
==Tips & Tricks==
===Keyboard Commands===
* '''Command + Option + P + R''' (during boot) - This will wipe the PRAM contents. If you're experiencing strange issues with your Macintosh or problems like video not being displayed, clearing the PRAM may help.
* '''Command + Shift + 3''' - Takes a screenshot in PICT format and places it in the root of your hard drive.
=Upgrading A Vintage Macintosh=

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