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Beginners Guide to the Vintage Macintosh

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Vintage Macintosh models with high-density floppy drives and are running System 7.x with PC Exchange can read DOS formatted disks. You won't find floppy drives on modern PCs but a USB floppy drive will work for transferring files. Zip drives were also popular for transferring data between systems and a few different Macintosh models such as the [[Power Macintosh 6500]] and [[Power Macintosh G3]] included this option at the factory. Zip drives could also be found on PCs either externally via parallel port and USB, or internally with IDE.
===What Is A "Performa"?===
In a move which only really seemed to help confuse consumers, Apple created the "Performa" line of Macintosh computers which for the most part are just existing models with a different name slapped on the front. The Performa systems differed based on which additional software titles were included with each specific model number. For example, instead of just having the [[Macintosh LC 575]] with some different bundle options you now had a separate model called the Performa 575. Also the Performa 577. Also the Performa 578. This is the same computer but with different pre-installed software. This strange business practice started with the [[Macintosh Classic]] and continued through the LC line and numerous Power Macintosh models ending in the [[Power Macintosh 6400]] era.
===Clones & Other Oddities===

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