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== Wiki Categories ==
* [[:Category:Digital libraries|Digital libraries]]
*: Category for articles discussing online digital libraries such as the Higher Intellect project.
* [[:Category:People|People]]
*: Biography pages for people playing an important role in the preservation of knowledge and distribution of content on the Internet.
* [[:Category:Essays|Essays]]
*: Use this category to find user submitted essays. This category will include both user created submissions as well as content from other authors.
* [[:Category:Hotline|Hotline]]
*: For all pages related to the Hotline Client/Server/Tracker software originally created by Hotline Communications.
* [[:Category:Carracho|Carracho]]
*: For all pages related to the Carracho Client/Server/Tracker software for Macintosh.
* [[:Category:KDX|KDX]]
*: For all pages related to the KDX Client/Server/Tracker software originally created by Haxial.
* [[:Category:SGI|SGI]]
*: For manuals and various information about SGI (Silicon Graphics) hardware and software.
* [[:Category:Apple|Apple]]
*: For articles related to Apple Computer products.
* [[:Category:Computing|Computing]]
*: This category will contain all computing related articles including those matching other specific categories.
* [[:Category:Misc|Misc]]
*: This is for misc wiki articles which don't necessarily fall into one of the previous categories.
* [[:Category:Government|Government]]
*: Any articles related to world governments. These will focus on pre-2000 era documents.
* [[:Category:Telephony|Telephony]]
*: Any topics related to telephony including cellular and general telcom.
* [[:Category:Software|Software]]
*: Articles for software titles, generally from the 80s and 90s.
* [[:Category:Companies|Companies]]
*: Wiki pages set up specifically for companies related to 80s and 90s computing.

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