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Initial creation, far from the final. was a website registered on January 21st, 2000 according to public WHOIS. It was founded by Nekonoko, real name Peter Plank, who started it for the purpose of discussing SGI software and hardware. In 2003, the Nekochan forums were started and became an intensely popular icon in the Silicon Graphics community as the main hub for non-corporate users of SGI hardware and software. It was shut down May 21st, 2018 under alleged GDPR compliance issues.

=== History ==='s founder Peter Plank was a very private individual, but what is known of him is that he is/was a very enthusiastic collector of vintage machines of various kinds, but especially SGI software/hardware.

The assets of were drawn by Peter himself, and he even had a [ manga called Rimu Revolution]

=== Contents ===
As of early 2018, had nearly 2,000 members, and 15 years of posts that were lost.

=== Preservation Efforts ===
[ Nekonomicon] is a project by a man going by "Elf" to retrieve what content was available via


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