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Macintosh LC

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=General Information=
ROM size is 512KBReleased in October 1990, the Mac LC was named for its low cost. It was aimed at the home market, and included a 16 Mhz 68020 processor. It shipped inside a newly designed small case and was one of the first Macs to come bundled with a microphone. It also came with a new PDS slot, that became a standard in the LC family until its demise in early 1998. The LC was priced at $2,400, and was discontinued in December 1992. Codenames: Pinball, Elsie, Prism. Originally shipped with system software 6.0.7.
Single "LC PDS" port for expansion needs. Common upgrades include the previously mentioned IIe card or an Ethernet card, which could also include a socket for a math co-processor as the LC did not include one (this will vary depending on card manufacturer).
ROM size is 512KB.

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