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Macintosh Portable

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The Macintosh Portable was the first "laptop" style Macintosh, though due to the weight it was not very practical for laptop use. [[Apple Computer]] later released the [[Macintosh PowerBook 100]] which is far more convenient as a laptop.
=General Information=
The Macintosh Portable is a full-featured, portable computer designed to meet a wide range of business and personal needs; it is a portable evolution of the [[Macintosh SE]]. The Macintosh Portable retains all of the Macintosh SE characteristics and adds several new characteristics for both portability and performance.
The Macintosh Portable is equipped with all the standard Macintosh SE architectural features, namely the VIA, SCC, SWIM, and SCSI chips. Sound is generated by the same sound circuitry as in the [[Macintosh II]] (Apple Sound Chip and dual Sony Sound Chips). Video is generated by a separate circuit and memory that drives the input to a flat-panel display.
16-bit, CMOS 68HC000, 16 MHz (twice Macintosh SE speed and without video contention), 1 wait state.
Main memory (RAM) is expandable to 2 or 5 MB by using internal expansion cards (1 or 4 MB).
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