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Apple Computer Custom IC Definitions

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* '''Antelope'''. The Antelope IC is a custom IC containing the video CLUT (color look-up table) and DAC. The Antelope IC is pin and software compatible with the AC/DC custom IC used in the Macintosh Quadra 700 and 950, but does not support 24 bits per pixel or Apple convolution.
* '''Ariel II'''. The Ariel II video chip provides a color lookup table (CLUT) and digital-to-analog converter (DAC) for driving an AudioVision monitor.
* '''ATECS'''. The Apple Telecom External Clock Synchronizer (ATECS) is a control chip that can synchronize the DSP and sound subsystems to an external clock signal received through the Apple GeoPort serial port connector.
* '''AWACS'''. The audio waveform amplifier and converter (AWACS) is a custom IC that combines a waveform amplifier with a 16-bit digital sound encoder and decoder (codec).
* '''Baboon'''. The Baboon custom IC provides the interface to the IDE hard disk drive.
* '''Bandit'''. The Bandit IC provides buffering and address translation between the processor bus and the PCI bus. The Bandit IC supports burst transfers, in both directions, of up to 32 bytes in length—the size of a cache block.
* '''BART'''. The BART NuBus controller chip provides the data gateway between NuBus and the CPU bus. It acts as a CPU bus master, transferring one-cycle or four-cycle transactions.
* '''Burgundy'''. The Burgundy custom IC combines a waveform amplifier with an internal 18-bit digital sound codec (only 16 bits supported for analog to digital/digital to analog sound capture and playback).
* '''Capella'''. The Capella custom IC provides the bus translation logic that bridges the 603e processor and the 68040-based custom ICs. It translates the 64-bit data from the 603e data bus into 32-bit data required by the 68040 bus and provides the necessary signals to maintain 68040 protocol.
* '''CLUT/DAC''' (color look-up table and digital-to-analog converter) IC developed by Apple and used in the Macintosh Display Card4•8, 8•24, and 8•24GC
* '''Control''', a custom IC that provides addressing and control for the video subsystem
* '''CSC'''. The CSC (color support chip) IC provides the data and control interface to the LCD panel. The CSC IC is also used in the Macintosh PowerBook 500 and 280 series computers. The CSC IC contains a 256-entry CLUT, RAMDAC, display buffer controller, and flat panel control circuitry.
* '''Cuda'''. The Cuda IC is a custom version of the Motorola MC68HC05 microcontroller. It includes ADB, the programming interface for the DFAC II IC, real-time clock.
* '''CudaLite'''. The CudaLite IC is a custom version of the Motorola MC68HC05 microcontroller. It provides several system functions, including ADB and PS2.
* '''EAGLE'''. The EAGLE gate array is a new custom chip that implements many functions that were provided by individual chips in earlier Macintosh computers. These functions include timing, video generation, memory mapping, sound, clock generation, and miscellaneous GLU (general logic unit) functions.
* '''Endeavor'''. The Endeavor is a programmable video clock chip used in the Macintosh Quadra 840AV; the equivalent in the Macintosh Centris 660AV is called Clifton Plus.
* '''Enhanced ASC''' (Apple Sound Chip), a custom IC that replaces the Apple Sound Chip
* '''F108'''. The F108 IC performs the system memory control functions. It also includes circuitry equivalent to the SCC and SCSI controller ICs.
* '''Grackle'''. The Grackle IC functions as the bridge between the PowerPC microprocessor bus and the I/O and graphics devices on the PCI bus. It provides buffering and address translation from one bus to the other. * '''Grand Central'''. The Grand Central custom IC provides an interface between the standard Macintosh I/O devices and the PCI bus. A DMA controller in the Grand Central IC supports DMA I/O transfers through that IC’s internal I/O devices and through the Curio IC.  
* '''Hammerhead'''. A custom IC called Hammerhead controls the memory subsystem. The components of the Hammerhead IC are the system bus controller, the DRAM controller, the ROM controller, the second-level (L2) cache controller.
* '''Heathrow'''. The Heathrow IC is an I/O controller and DMA engine for Power Macintosh computers using the PCI bus architecture.
* '''IOSB'''. The IOSB includes I/O data bus buffers, a SWIM2 floppy disk controller, VIA1 and VIA2. The IOSB IC provides the data bus services of the MC68030 that the MC68040 does not provide.
* '''JDB''' (Junction Data Bus), one of two ICs making up the I/O Adapter, connecting the data signals from the system bus and the I/O bus
* '''KeyLargo'''. The I/O controller IC in the PowerBook computer is a custom IC called KeyLargo. It provides the interface and control signals for the following devices: hard drive, USB, modem, etc.
* '''Kiwi'''. The Kiwi IC is a very large-scale IC that incorporates the functions of the YANCC IC used in the Macintosh Quadra 700 and 950 computers along with the bus transceivers and several driver ICs. The Kiwi IC provides an interface to the MC68040 on one side and a NuBus interface on the other side.
* '''MCU''' (Memory Control Unit), a custom IC that connects to the system bus and controls regular and burst-mode data transfers to and from the main RAM and ROM
* '''MESH'''. The MESH IC is a custom IC that controls the SCSI bus to the internal SCSI devices. Because this bus does not have to drive a long external bus, it can operate at higher transfer rates than the external SCSI bus.
* '''Mickey'''. The Mickey is a composite video encoder in a 28-pin advanced bipolar CMOS chip. It is used in the AV card.
==N==* '''New Age'''. The New Age is a floppy disk controller in a 64-pin CMOS chip.
* '''O’Hare'''. The O’Hare IC is based on the Grand Central IC present in the Power Macintosh 7500 computer. It is an I/O controller and DMA engine for Power Macintosh computers using the PCI bus architecture
* '''Paddington'''. The I/O controller IC in the Macintosh iMac computer is an ASIC called Paddington. The Paddington IC is an integrated I/O controller and DMA engine for use in Power Macintosh computers with a PCI bus.
* '''Power Manager'''. The Power Manager IC is a 68HC05 microprocessor that operates with its own RAM and ROM.
* '''PrimeTime'''. The PrimeTime IC combines functions performed by several ICs in previous Macintosh designs. Data bus buffers for the internal I/O bus, SWIM II, interface adapters VIA1 and VIA2.
* '''PrimeTime II'''. The PrimeTime II IC supports the I/O bus. It combines functions performed by several ICs in previous Macintosh designs.
* '''Relayer''', one of two ICs making up the I/O Adapter, controlling the bus buffers and providing bus arbitration logic
* '''Screamer'''. The Screamer custom IC combines a waveform amplifier with a 16-bit digital sound encoder and decoder (codec). The Screamer IC provides improved audio performance over the AWACS IC used in previous Macintosh computers.
* '''Sebastian'''. The Sebastian chip is a video color palette and video digital-to-analog converter (DAC) in a 100-pin CMOS configuration, used in the AV card.
* '''Singer'''. The Singer is an I/O chip that constitutes a 16-bit digital sound codec. It conforms to the IT&T ASCO 2300 Audio-Stereo Codec Specification.
* '''Sixty6''', an RGB-to-YUV converter and convolver for the second video output stream (on the Power Macintosh 8500 computer only)
* '''Sonora''' is a new custom chip that integrates the functions of the V8 and SWIM chips used in the Macintosh LC II. These functions include timing, memory mapping, video and sound control, miscellaneous GLU (General Logic Unit) functions, and floppy disk control.
* '''Squidlet''' is a 28-pin chip that provides a set of synchronized system clocks for Power Macintosh computers.
* '''SWIM''' (Super Woz Integrated Machine), the IC that supports the SuperDrive high-density floppy disk drive
==U==* '''Uni-N'''. The Uni-N memory controller and bus bridge IC provides cost and performance benefits by combining several functions into a single IC. It contains the memory controller, the PCI bus bridge, the Ethernet and FireWire interfaces, and the AGP port.
* '''Valkyrie'''. The Valkyrie IC is a custom IC containing the logic for the video display. It includes the following functions: display memory controller, video CLUT (color lookup table), video DAC (digital-to-analog converter).
* '''Valkyrie-AR'''. The Valkyrie-AR IC is a custom IC containing the logic for the video display.
* '''Video Display Interface'''. The Video Display Interface chip is a custom IC designed to keep the Macintosh Portable 68HC000 CPU from having to refresh the screen (LCD display), thereby allowing the CPU to do more useful work.
* '''Whitney'''. The Whitney IC is a custom IC that provides the interface between the system bus and the I/O bus that supports peripheral device controllers.
* '''YANCC''' (Yet Another NuBus Controller Chip), a custom IC that controls the NuBus interface
=Chip IDs=
Part number Name Notes
337-0001 MC68000P8 (DIP) Custom marked
337S0006 ATI 264GT
337S0078 'Control 1'? TI-Manufactured, IIvx
338-6523 or 338S6523 VIA Custom marked
338S6525 VIA Mac Portable, PB140/170
338S6526 65C22 VIA @ UC2, IIsi
3400257 NCR 53C80 Custom marked
341-0250-A BMU1 PAL16L8, Mac512k
341-0251-A LAG PAL16R8?, Mac512k
341-0252-A TSG PAL16R6, Mac512k
341-0253-A ASG PAL16R8, Mac512k; implements a 6-bit PWM counter for floppy drive speed and audio
341-0254-A TSM PAL16R4, Mac512k
341-0255-A BMU0 PAL16R4, Mac512k
341-0514-A BMU1 PAL16L8, Plus
341-0515-A LAG PAL16R8, Plus
341-0516-A TSG PAL16R6, Plus
341-0517-A ASG PAL16R8, Plus; implements a 6-bit PWM counter for audio
341-0519-A CAS PAL20L8, Plus
341-0520-A BMU2 PAL20R4, Plus
341-0522-A TSM VP16RP8MPC(PAL16R4), Plus
341-0538-A GLU PAL16L8, Mac SE
341-0633-A PAL16R8B @ UG7, SE/30; Clock generator for Video state machine
341-0635-A PAL16R8B @ UG6, SE/30; Beginning of Video state machine
341-0637-A PAL16L8B @ UE6, SE/30; End of Video state machine
341-0665-A PAL16R4B @ UI6, SE/30; Controls HSync and IRQ? in regards to CPU?
341S0689-C PAL16L8D @ UH7, SE/30; Controls RAM read/write signals in regards to CPU?
341-0688-A PAL16R8B @ UE7, SE/30; Middle of Video state machine
341-0746-A PAL16R8B? @ UG7, replaces 341-0633-A, SE/30; Clock generator for Video state machine
341-0747-A PAL16R8B? @ UG6, replaces 341-0635-A, SE/30; Beginning of Video state machine
341-0754-A PAL16L8B? @ UE6, replaces 341-0637-A, SE/30; End of Video state machine
341-0755-A PAL16R8B? @ UE7, replaces 341-0688-A, SE/30; Middle of Video state machine
341-0815-A PAL16R4, IIsi
341-0816-A PALC22V10, IIsi
341-0817-A PALC22V10, IIsi
341S0025 PMU
341S0060 Cuda (v2.40) Performa/Quadra 6xx, some PMac x200, PMac x400, some PMac x500, Pippin, Gossamer G3
341S0187 PMU PB190
341S0187-B PMU PB1400
341S0262 Cuda v3.0 some PMac x500, Bondi Blue iMac
341S0285 Cuda Lite ADB and PS/2 support - PMac 4400 & clones
341S0417 Cuda Color Classic
341S0489 'DECODE' Rom address decoder, IIvx
341S0720 CAS PAL(PAL16R8?) Classic
341S0788 Cuda (v2.37) PRAM, RTC, ADB
341S0490 ? PAL?, IIvx
341S0815-A PAL16R4 @ UJ10, IIsi
341S0816-A PALC22V10 @ UJ8, IIsi
341S0817-A PALC22V10 @ UE9, IIsi
341S0850 Egret (v1.01, earlier) PRAM, RTC, ADB; IIsi and LC
341S0851 Egret (v1.01) PRAM, RTC, ADB
341S0853 Caboose (v1.00) Handles switches on case
341S0856-A ? AMD-Manufactured, Quadra 700
341S0879-B 'Control 2'? AMD-Manufactured, IIvx
341S0934 PMU PB5x0
342S0440 or 342-0440-A or 342S0440-B “Bit-bang” ADB MCU; Manufactured by Microchip, early PIC as acquired from GI SE-FD/HD,II,IIx,IIcx,IIci,SE-30,Quadra 700
342S0740-2 KYBD Mac Portable; probably Mitsubishi M50740
342S0743-1 ? PB140/170
342S0753-A PMGR Mac Portable; Mitsubishi M50753
342S0854-2 PMU Power Management Unit
3430045B “Sony Sound Chip” PWM audio DAC
343-0071 U1M HYBRID Hybrid IC carrier, Mac Portable
343-0155-A ?(V8?) LCII
343-1086 GSC Gray Scale video Controller (actually a Chips & Technologies part)
343-1087 CPUGLU
343-1090 MISCGLU
343S0014 Orbit
343S0018-01 ? PM7500/100
343S0042 RTC
343S0045-B SOUND Performa 200, Mac Portable, probably PWM audio DAC
343S0060-A VASP Memory & I/O controller w/audio, video
343S0061(-A) SWIM floppy controller
343S0065 PSX+
343S0103 Quadra 700
343S0105 RELAYER Quadra 700
343S0106 JDB Quadra 700
343S0107 BBU
343S0116-A V8
343S0124-01 PMU Duo 210/230/250
343S0129 DFAC II
343S0132 Spice
343S0135 Primetime
343S0137 SWIM III
343S0140 AWACS Audio DAC
343S0147 Barney also called “TREX”
343S0148-01 FAT AMIC WGS
343S0161 ?Clock generator? Quadra 605
343S0164-A MEMCjr Memory controller
343S0172 O'Hare I/O controller
343S0173(-B) O'Hare PB2400/3400
343S0180 Whitney 3
343S0704 Sebastian Video RAMDAC
343S0788 Cuda PMac x100? (may be 341S0788 typo)
343S0801 AMIC
343S0802 HMC
343S0802-A HMC WGS
343S1018(A) MDU Memory Decode Unit (IIci/IIsi)
343S1019(A) RBV RAM-Based Video (IIci/IIsi)
343S1020(-A) NuChip30 NuBus bridge
343S1027 Bus Transceiver comes in a pair of 2; IIsi, IIvx, Q700
343S1029(-A) ? PB140/170
343S1036(-A) Enhanced Apple Sound Chip (EASC)
343S1039 MUNI
343S1047 DDC
343S1048-1 ? PB140/170
343S1049 ? PB140/170
343S1054-A Eagle Memory & I/O controller w/audio, video
343S1055 MSC
343S1065 Sonora Memory & I/O controller w/audio, video
343S1069(-A) Ariel Video RAMDAC
343S1074 Ariel IIvx
343S1077 djMEMC
343S1078 IOSB
343S1091 Antelope Video RAMDAC
343S1095(-A) Nubus
343S1096 Civic Framebuffer controller
343S1097 YMCA or MCA Memory controller
343S1100 PSC I/O controller
343S1103(-A) Civic Framebuffer controller
343S1105 Whitney I/O controller
343S1113 Pratt Memory controller
343S1118 MSC Memory controller
343S1123 Keystone
343S1124 BART NuBus controller
343S1125 Grand Central I/O controller
343S1126 Bandit
343S1129(-A) PSC I/O controller
343S1133 Valkyrie
343S1136 F108
343S1138-04 PLAN-B pm7500/100
343S1144 Data Path
343S1148 PBX
343S1154 Control
343S1155 Chaos
343S1159 Baboon
343S1164 BART WGS
343S1166 Dacula Video RAMDAC
343S1181 Capella Converts 040 bus for PPC603
343S1183 PSX
343S1184 Platinum
343S1185 Iridium
343S1189 PrimeTime II
343S1190 Hammerhead
343S1191(-A) Athens Prime Clock/timing controller
343S1201 Heathrow
343S1202(-2) PSX+
343S1206 Valkyrie AV2
343S6502 65C02 Apple IIe Card
344-0040 RTC Apple IIgs (less pram than the 'Mac RTC', 344-0042?)
344-0041(-A/B) IWM
344S0041 IWM Apple IIe Card
344S0042(A/B) RTC
344-0043-A IWM (SWIM Pinout version) IIgs and Mac SE
344S0061-A SWIM
344S0063-1 ASC Apple Sound Chip
344S0063-A ASC Apple Sound Chip, IIsi
344S0076 OSS Operating System Support (IRQ controller), IIfx
344S0100-01 Egret (v1.00) IIsi
343S0104-A YANCO Quadra 700
344S0111(-01/-A) GEMINI Apple IIe Card
344S0112-02 DAFB Quadra 700
344S0602 GLU
344S0602-A GLUE CHIP SE/30
344S0603-A BBU Mac SE
344S0608-02 CPU GLU Mac Portable
344S0609-01 VIDEO Mac Portable
344S0610-1 MISC GLU Mac Portable
344S1018-03 MDU @ UI4, IIsi
344S1019-01 RBV @ UA3, IIsi
344S1029 SWIM Mac Portable
344S1033-B DFAC Digitally Filtered Audio Chip
357S0010-A RAMDAC Bt ?model? RAMDAC
377S6553 Beruit
377S7014 CSC Chips & Technologies 65225
377S9624 CSC Chips & Technologies 65220
65210 N/A Chips & Technologies video controller
68HC05 N/A Egret/Cuda/Caboose on desktops, “PG&E” PMU on portables
79c50 Curio Enhanced 8530 + 5380 + Ethernet
CS4216 Crystal Semiconductor audio
CS4217 Crystal Semiconductor audio
uPD72070GF New Age NEC765-derived FDC
85c80 Combo AMD 8530 + 53c80
MPC106 Grackle
M50753 PMU
PCI1130PDV PCI/Cardbus bridge
WD90C26 PowerBook 165c/180c video chip (not “Pangola”, which is separate)
WD90C55 PowerBook 165c/180c LCD driver
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