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Macintosh LC II

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=General Information=
Released in March 1992, the LC II was essentially an upgrade of the original [[Macintosh LC]]. Unfortunately, while Apple "speed-bumped" the processor to a 16 Mhz 68030, they kept the 16-bit data path, making the speed improvement minimal (the 68030 was a 32-bit processor). The LC II sold for $1240, making it one of the more affordable Macs ever. It was discontinued in March 1993, when it was replaced by the [[Macintosh LC III]]. In September 1993, it was bundled with several different hard drives and software, and re-released as the Performa 400, 405, 410, and 430.
Codename: Foster Farms. Originally shipped with system software 7.0.1.
===ROM Changes===
The ROM used in the Macintosh LC II computer includes the following differences from the Macintosh LC ROM:

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