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* '''O’Hare'''. The O’Hare IC is based on the Grand Central IC present in the Power Macintosh 7500 computer. It is an I/O controller and DMA engine for Power Macintosh computers using the PCI bus architecture
* '''Paddington'''. The I/O controller IC in the Macintosh iMac computer is an ASIC called Paddington. The Paddington IC is an integrated I/O controller and DMA engine for use in Power Macintosh computers with a PCI bus.
* '''Power Manager'''. The Power Manager IC is a 68HC05 microprocessor that operates with its own RAM and ROM.
* '''PrimeTime'''. The PrimeTime IC combines functions performed by several ICs in previous Macintosh designs. Data bus buffers for the internal I/O bus, SWIM II, interface adapters VIA1 and VIA2.

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