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The LaserWriter 12/640 PS printer comes with 4 MB of DRAM installed in one of its two SIMM slots. You can expand DRAM capacity up to 64 MB by using higher capacity SIMMs and populating both slots. The LaserWriter 12/640 PS has separate controller systems for imaging and I/O processing. The imaging system uses an AMD AM29040 processor, and the I/O processing system uses an 80C186 embedded processor. The imaging and I/O systems share messages and data through a shared SRAM (static RAM).
=LaserWriter 16/600 PS=
The LaserWriter 16/600 PS printer is a mainstream network laser printer designed for midsize to large businesses, higher education institutions, Macintosh and non-Macintosh networks, and graphics and desktop publishing environments. Replacing the Apple LaserWriter Pro 630, it supports Adobe PostScript Level 2 programming functions and produces printed pages at a rate of up to seventeen letter-size pages per minute.
The LaserWriter 16/600 PS printer supports 600 dpi resolution. FinePrint can be selected to smooth text and line art. FinePrint technology gives the printer the ability to print dots of different widths, producing crisper text and graphics. Antialiasing smooths the jagged edges of both characters and lines, producing an effective resolution much greater than 600 dpi.
When configured with 12 MB or more of RAM memory, the LaserWriter 16/600 PS printer also supports 600 dpi PhotoGrade printing. Photograde technology allows the LaserWriter 16/600 PS printer to print photographs with as many as 97 shades of gray. Photographs printed using PhotoGrade technology retain a higher level of detail than other 600-dpi laser printers are capable of producing. PhotoGrade can designate more than one level of gray for each pixel by controlling the size of the dots.
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* [[Apple LaserWriter 16/600 PS Developer Note]]
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