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Original document can be seen at https://cdn.preterhuman.net/texts/computing/hotline_info/HOTLIN02.TXT

Spoof Chat in Hotline
         ...and another fun trick (1.1b21r2)
Written by Catrap [k]
Dedicated to my friend [k]racker box who recently got in a little car accident and I hope he's ok... (damn leaf-peeping sunday drivers) :-)

Written exclusively for the HackAddict Hotline Server (currently run by RanX) and the Weasel

Spoof Trick 1: Your Alter Ego
   Using this trick, you can get stuff like this:

   Here's how (this is based off of the Ircle-IRC-spoof trick):
      ¥1) Type control-F12 and type "oumerzei" in the top field, hit return (bot. field blank).
      ¥2) Type your message, like "heh" then type lots of spaces (i have a macro that types about a hundred spaces). If you don't type enough spaces, those people with huge 21" monitors and big chat windows won't see your spoof. You'll notice your I-beam cursor stays at the right side of the chat field no matter how many spaces you type.
      ¥3) Using "hard spaces" or "sticky spaces" (by typing option-space), type as many as you need to fill the space between the spoof victim's name and the left side of the window (×'s represent sticky spaces):

 Side of |      Someone: ha ha, and he ate it, too!
   chat  |   Catrap [k]: heh                          
  field  |××××××Someone: yeah, i love chocolate cookies!
   --->  |
      Make sure your colons line up right or people will know your spoofing.

      You see, when you type all these spaces past the margin and type more characters and the cursor "magically" appears on the next line, hotline treats this as a new line. Using sticky spaces is where the special F-12 command comes in ("oumerzei"). This allows you to use option spaces as "hard characters" to bring the i-beam to the next line.

 Side of |      Someone: ha ha, and he ate it, too!
   chat  |   Catrap [k]: heh                          
  field  |      Someone: yeah, i love chocolate cookies!
   --->  |   Catrap [k]: Yeah, i bet you do, punk!
         |      Someone: wtf? i never said that!

Spoof Trick 2: Anonymous chat
   With this track you can talk anonymously, except for the fact that 
            a) you can't prove you ARN'T the spoofer without quickly logging in with your same (plane name) with a client copy, saying something, and leaving and 
            b) you do look suspicious with all the extra crap before your name (see below)
            c) when you first log in and change your name (again, see below) it looks a bit...well....suspicious again...

      ¥1) Insert the following chars before your name in the Name field in the Options dialog: --> ����������������<-- (the chars between the arrows consist of a single space followed by sixteen NULL (hex $00) chars.
      ¥2) Log into your server. Your name in the Users list should start with sixteen asterixes ("*")
      ¥3) Immediately change your nick (in the options dialog type a space and then delete it after your name)...then it will say <<<****************Someone is now known as Someone>>>
       ¥4) Type away...have fun!

 Side of |      Someone: ha ha, and he ate it, too!
   chat  |: heh                          
  field  |      Someone: who the &#%! was that?
   --->  |: hehehhe
         |      Someone: wtf? 

Fun Trick 3: Spam!
   Simply copy a return (hex $0D) from the notepad or the end of a text line or something and paste it before your name in the Options dialog. This displays your message X times, with X returns between every time (X being the # of returns you paste). Have fun! 


Hotline Chat Spoofing written by Catrap for the HackAddictª Hotline server Tuesday, September 30, 1997. A couple silly rights are reserved meaning don't take this as your own. Thanks!
EOF :-)

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