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Stacking the hard RAM drive of a palmtop computer

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STACKER NOTE                          Stac Electronics Technical Note

Subject: Stacking the hard RAM drive of a palmtop computer.

Tech028 - 2/20/92
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Stacker works great on DOS based palmtop computers with hard RAM
drives, however, a simple procedure must be followed in order to install 
it.  This procedure necessitates the use of a second "host" computer 
with a hard drive and file transfer capability to the palmtop.  The host 
computer should have at least 2 MB of free space on the hard disk.


1. Run the Stacker install program on the host computer.

2. While in install, you want to "build an empty stacker drive".  For
   the size of the drive you want to make it about 100k smaller than your 
   palmtop ram card. (Minus any "boot" files you require.)

3. Reboot that computer so the stacker drive is mounted.  Transfer all
   the files from the palmtop to that stacker drive.

4. Delete everything but the "boot" files from your palmtop ram card.

5. Transfer STACKER.COM and the STACVOL.DSK you created to the root
   directory of the ram card.

6. Edit Config.sys on the ram card and add the line:

7. Reboot the palmtop computer.  You should now have all your programs
   on the D: drive.  You may have to run some programs setup program to 
   recognize that it's installed on the D: drive now.

8. If you wish to "SWAP" drives C: and D:, transfer SSWAP.COM to the
   root directory of the ram card and add the following lines to your Config.sys: