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SunPC is a cost-effective hardware and software product that provides full PC compatibility to customers running Microsoft MS-DOS and Windows (3.x and 95) applications on their Solaris OS-based Sun workstations. SunPC brings together the ease of use of DOS and Windows programs and the powerful features of the Solaris operating environment, giving users access to powerful workgroup technology without sacrificing access to DOS and Windows applications.

SunPC uses a patented co-processor technology along with software to run Microsoft DOS and Windows (3.x and 95) applications. Unlike software emulators such as Wabi and Insignia’s SoftWindows, SunPC utilizes a co-processor (133-MHz, 5x86 AMD) on-board the SBus card. Applications run natively on the SunPC card. The card does require an SBus slot in the Sun workstation.

SunPC runs applications residing on both Solaris networks and PC-LANs. Users can access both Solaris operating system and PC network resources such as printers, CD-ROM drives, and file systems—directly from their PC applications. Cut and paste is available between MS-DOS and Solaris applications.

SunPC supports the NetWare Open DataLink Interface (ODI), allowing access to TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, and NetBEUI-based networks. SunPC provides full NetWare client support and supports OpenWindows and Motif Solaris window environments. SunPC also runs under the Common Desktop Environment (CDE) window manager for ease of use and ease of configuration.

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