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Only SuperCard offers such incredible flexibility, while remaining so approachable and easy-to-use.

Only SuperCard allows you to author application media with the look-and-feel of either a HyperCard stack, a Director animation, a standard multi-windowed Macintosh application, or something completely new.

Only SuperCard has all these new features to help you easily create remarkable multi-media applications.

  • Integrated QuickTime Support
    • Now you can access QuickTime movies and animations right from SuperCard. Record and append movies, play any frame range, specify playback speed, and use the standard movie controller, all with simple SuperTalk commands.
  • Enhanced Sound Features
    • Manage all your Mac's sound capabilities right in SuperCard. Play sounds straight from your hard disk, freeing up valuable RAM. Record sounds directly into your SuperCard projects. And convert any text to speech with the new say command on speech-equipped Macs.
  • Filmstrips
    • Easily create multi-frame animations for dramatic buttons and other lightning-fast special effects using SuperCard's unique filmstrips technique.
  • SuperTalk Enhancements
    • SuperCard 1.7 features over 70 new SuperTalk enhancements -- including support for case statements -- to make the most flexible scripting environment even better.
  • HyperText Support
    • Thanks to SuperCard's hypertext capabilities, including a new group text style, you can script non-linear navigation to give your users rapid information access.
  • Manage Complex Dialogs with Less Scripting
    • Incorporate standard resource-based Macintosh dialogs in your SuperCard projects. Once you've assembled the dialog, a simple script statement takes care of the rest. all the great features you've enjoyed before.

  • Every Object can be Scripted
    • Create intelligent objects with unparalleled script level control to take advantage of SuperCard's extensive capabilities. With SuperCard, every graphic is a separate object that can be fully scripted.
  • Paint and Draw Tools With Full Color Support
    • Create color graphics easily and intuitively with tools and that work just like your favorite paint and draw programs. Autotrace images, use color cycling and inks for dramatic effects, and even include color text in your projects.
  • ScriptTracer
    • Use SuperCard's interactive debugger to view your scripts as they run and quickly isolate problems.
  • Build Standalone Applications
    • With one mouse click you can build standalone applications that don't require SuperCard to run. Standalones can have their own icons and can create their own documents just as standard Mac applications do.
  • HyperCard Compatibility
    • Easily convert HyperCard stacks into SuperCard projects and immediately take advantage of SuperCard's built-in color support and more flexible object-oriented vector graphics.