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Super Munchers

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An exercise in logic, classification skills, and general knowledge - as well as a test of reflexes - Super Munchers features 10,000 facts in 130 categories, three difficulty levels, and seven content settings. While munching fun facts, students must help the Muncher elude Troggles - tricky creatures that enjoy a good Muncher snack!

Macintosh System Requirements

  • System 6.0.2 or greater for B&W;
  • System 6.0.5 or greater for Color
  • 2 Floppy Drives or Hard Drive for color
  • 1MB RAM B&W;, 2MB RAM Color, 4MB RAM System 7.x

MS-DOS System Requirements

  • 512K RAM
  • CGA or higher graphics adapter and color monitor
  • DOS 3.3 or greater

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