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Tandy 3000 HD

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The Tandy 3000HD (25-4010) comes with an Intel 80286 microprocessor for the ultimate in speed and performance. Its 16-bit architecture operates at 8 megahertz -- that's twice the speed of the industry standard. It features 512K main memory and a high-capacity 13.3cm slim-line floppy disk drive. For the utmost in compatibility, this drive can read 1.2-megabyte and 360K formats for use with either IBM PC/AT or IBM PC diskettes.

The 3000 HD comes with a built-in hard disk drive for fast access to volumes of important data. For maximum storage capacity, choose the 512K Tandy 3000 HD (25-4010) with a 20-megabyte hard disk. The Tandy 3000 HD features a built-in real-time clock with battery backup for automatic posting of all jobs, process control and other time-sensitive applications. A serial/parallel adapter is standard, making the Tandy 3000 HD ready to interface with such peripheral devices as telephone modems, printers and precision plotters.



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