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Tandy Corporation

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Tandy Computer Corporation started as "Tandy Leather Company" in Ft. Worth Texas in 1919. In the 1950's they started getting into the "hobby" market, eventually procuring various hobbyist companies in the 1960's including the Radio Shack company in 1963 which was on the verge of going bankrupt at the time.

In 1980, during the rise of home appliance computers such as the Apple II and Commodore PET, Tandy, lead by John Roach at that point, moved into the world of computers introducing the TRS-80 line of home computers, which expanded into many sub-lines such as the Tandy Color Computer (or CoCo) for short, and the TRS-80 2000, a MS-DOS compatible introduced in 1982 based on the intel 80186 microprocessor. Tandy's big break though was with their hugely popular IBM PC Jr. derived Tandy 1000 series, probably one o the most popular PC lines of the 1980's.

By the early 1990's Tandy's fortunes started softening and support was moved to AST in 1994. Today Tandy is still used to brand some generic accessories still sold by Radio Shack online.










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