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TechWorks Power3D PC

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Upgrade your PC to a Power Arcade! The Power3D card is dedicated to bringing you the best performance available for DOS/Win95 3D games. Most 3D computer graphics solutions try to be all things to all people. No compromises here. Power3D is designed for one thing only and that is great games. This is truly the most awesome gaming card available on the PC! Power3D delivers the best gaming experience ever.

The Power3D does not replace your existing 2D graphics, it works with your existing graphics card or built-in video to provide you the absolute in 3D performance. Install the Power3D in your PC (requires one available PCI slot in your system) and use the provided pass-through cable to turn your PC into a Power Arcade system!

Turns your PC compatible system into a Power Arcade!

  • Provides full-screen 3D acceleration
  • Supports up to 32,000 (16-bit) colors
  • Supports 640x480 full-screen resolution
  • Easy install - works with existing 2D video
  • Works on any PC compatbile with a PCI slot
  • Supports DOS and Windows 95 GLIDE and Direct3D games

Scalable Performance

  • Mpixels/sec sustained fill rate for bi-linear or advanced filtered textures
  • Over 1M triangles/sec for filtered, LOD MIP-mapped, Z-buffered, alpha-blended, fogged, textured 25-pixel triangles

Additional Features

  • Bi-linear filtering smoothes blocky textures
  • Anti-aliasing eliminates "jagged" edges
  • Perspective correction enhances realism
  • MIP mapping eliminates texture "sparkling"
  • Gouraud shading enhanced lighting effects
  • Z-buffering adds depth to 3D objects
  • Alpha blending for fog and translucency
  • Texture compositing reduces 3D "pop-up"


  • Industry-standard PCI bus compatible card
  • Support for full-screen games under DOS or Windows 95, including support for GLIDE or OpenGL
  • Operates transparently with most PC compatible systems via analog 2D pass through cable
  • Glide register level compatibility software library for full screen arcade quality games

System Requirements

  • IBM PC computer with one available PCI Slot
  • Windows 95 plus Direct3D (part of DirectX 5.0 driver set)
  • 16MB RAM minimum, 32MB RAM recommended
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Hard disk drive
  • 640x480 resolution (or greater) multi-sync color monitor
Features Benefits
Industry-standard OS and API Simplifies game software support development (e.g. GLIDE)
Perspective-correct texture Reduces polygon counts mapping with Z-buffering and eases hidden-surface removal
Level-of-detail mip mapping Eliminates texture aliasing
Texture compositing and morphing Provides lifelike lighting effects and eliminates "object popping"
Animated texturing Combines video with 3D
Anti-aliasing Eliminates "jaggies"
Gouraud modulation Provides specular and diffuse lighting effects
Per-pixel alpha blending effects Provides realistic atmospheric effects as well as translucency and transparency
Sub-pixel correction Eliminates polygon and texture misalignment
Bi-linear and advanced texture filtering Eliminates pixelization

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