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By, Akurei

January 3, 2001

Teleconferencing is probably the phreaker's trademark. Being able to create a party line is incredibly to most users. A teleconference basically is a party line... multiple users can talk on it at one time for one set price, exactly like a party line. There are many different teleconferencing services also. There is Qwest, At&t, MCI and more. There are also online teleconferencing, which really sucks!

There are two distinctive kinds of conferences. There is the dialout conference and the dialin conference. With the dialout conference, you must give someone your number and they will call you... when you pick up the telephone, you will probably hear a beep (depending what service you are using) and you are on the conference! With a dialin conference, you call a 1800 (or another toll free number), you usually have to enter a certain code, and then you are on the conference.

Alot of people online do not like dialout conference because of the risk involved with giving out your number. For example, lets say you are on irc (internet relay chat) and you join a qwest. This person can easily find out all kinds of information on you. All this person has to do is go to or any other reverse phone number lookup site on the internet.

Also, prank calls! Some people (I for one) get some serious "shits and gigles" from prank calls. And calling someone you know or dislike online is even funner. If they have your number and later decide they do not like you, you are screwed! They may give it out to other people you don't like! With dialouts, (qwest for example) you can prank call with the conference. You can call anywhere for free (unless you used your or your parents credit card to register) and do whatever prank calls you want. I have personally been on qwests where we called three police stations at once and harassed them, we called the jerky boys homes, and we called George Lukas Films and used a Yoda voice (which was VERY funny by the way). Qwests can be fun, but very dangerous. Another danger with qwests is that the people that creat it, usually card it. Another words, they steal credit cards somehow (most probably use a script to get into a poorly secured websites credit card database) and register on qwest with them. This is very risky... Carding is a federal offense, and a teenager can get sent to prison and charged as an adult if caught with this charge. Although, this is a huge risk, I have only heard of anyone getting caught from carding a qwest one time in my life. And I found out later that the only thing they did was question him and then send him back on his merry little way.

One of my favorite things about qwests is that when you call someone, you are totally anonymous. You can call anyone and when they look at their caller id, or dial *69 or call the operator, all they will see is qwest communications phone number! Qwest probably doesn't even log what numbers people call or do anything at all when it comes to security. If you want to sign up at qwest, go to and press "click to conference". There should be a JOIN NOW button somewhere. The cost per user on a qwest conference is only five cents, so don't feel too bad if you carded one. If you do card one, and decide to moderate it also, get about three other people to run the conference also (sign onto the conference name and password and call some people). If at least three people are on the same conference, you have a 99.9% chance of NOT getting caught. And even if you were caught they could not pin anything against you. They have no clue who actually carded the conference and it's too expensive to investigate.

Another way to make a conference is to beige box someone's house, call a phone company and set one up. Am I going to tell you how to do this? Nope... There's tons of texts on how to make dialout conferences... But if you can't find one, go to and I think there is one somewhere on that site. Anyways, beige boxing taps onto the line of the person you are beige boxing. You are basically just adding a new telephone to the telephone line. I wont get into specifics on beige boxing, but if you do beige box someone's house, you can easily call long distance numbers at no charge to you. And alot more.

Harassing the operator is always fun. Prank calls are great too considering you are totally anonymous if you are beige boxing it. I actually made a text on how to make a beige box at you may want to check out. Sometimes people make conferences with pbx's... im not very knowledgable when it comes to pbx's because to tell you the truth, there are not that many around anymore. I hope you learned something from this text... Thanks for reading it, you can get alot of my other texts at !