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The (Stupid) Napster Guide

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  k     ||  ____  ||                           ||||||        |||||
  s      || \__/ ||   
  t        \____/     //The (Stupid) Napster Guide.
  by KGB ( 

  You are bored as hell and  decide to go and download some mp3's 
  and why not at the same time annoy the crap outta people on napster.

  Topics in this file:

  *What is Napster?
  *Fun in Chatrooms
  *Having a little fun with those Uploaders
  *How to Nuke people on Napster
  *Cool commands
  *Downloading music from yourself to yourself, adding yourself to your hotlist
  *Funny shit to download from Napster 
  *Wrapster?, what is it?
  *Napigator?, what is it?
  *How to Run your own Napster Server

  What is Napster?
  Napster is a protocol for sharing files (mp3s) between users. With Napster, 
  the files stay on the client machine, never passing through the server. 
  The server provides the ability to search for particular files and initiate 
  a direct transfer between the clients. In addition, chat forums similar 
  to IRC are available. 
  Download napster from:
  Fun in Chatrooms:
  Actually we all know how to irritate i won't go into details.

  Go into a crowded room and then show peoples user information with the finger command,
  this will piss off most users.

  Having a little fun with those Uploaders:
  Cancel the upload in the middle of the song.
  Or send the uploader a message and say something about
  that you don't like it when people upload your songs
  and then make the uploader give you a good reason for not
  to cancel the upload (no matter what the uploader will say cancel it anyway).

  How to Nuke people on Napster:
  When you download a song or someone uploads a song from you,
  you establish a connection with eachother.
  So it's very easy to get someone's ip, just download a song 
  from somebody and type 'netstat' in dos and you can see their connection.
  So then convert the host name to the ip with netstat -n and
  open your lame winnuke or something and nuke the whore down.
  (I don't promote lame things like this but hey it's fun to know)

  Cool commands:
  /Kill (user) [reason]

  /Kick <channel> (user) [reason]

  /Finger (user)

  /Topic (channel) <topic>

  Downloading music from yourself to yourself, adding yourself to your hotlist:
  Go to a chatroom type:
  /msg (your_nick) <message>

  Now a messagebox will open on your screen and you can now talk to yourself,
  everything you say is echoed back to you (like when connecting to port 7).
  Now you can add yourself to your HotList and Download music from yourself.

  Or Create a Channel and then Right Click yourself and Add yourself to the Hotlist.

  Funny shit to download from Napster:
  There is some funny shit to download from napster wich is wroth a laugh,
  here is a little list of the must haves.

  Music Parodies: Ricky martin - Living la vida Homo  
                  Sisqo        - Please don't Wear that Thong!
                  ICP          - Eminem diss, Slim Anus
                  C. Aguilera  - Hooker in a bottle

  Prank Calls   : Phone Call to a Paki - You took my Paper! (Fucking Funny!!!)
                  Prank Phone Call     - I'm gonna fuck your day up  
		  Eminem               - Curtis

  Misc          : Adam Sandler - The beating of a spanish teacher

  Wrapster?, what is it?
  Wrapster is a program that lets you wrap up files into mp3 format,
  you can wrap up everything you want, trojans, movies, text files.
  In other words, Wrapster disguises any file you select as a mp3 format,
  there for you can share it on the napster network.

  Here is an example of how Wrapster can be used to share ANY files you choose 
  on the Napster network: Let's say a friend of yours has a copy of Win2k still 
  zipped up from when (s)he first downloaded it from an IRC server. It's 
  probably about 44 files in total, each of them being about 5 megs in size. 
  Your friend simply runs Wrapster and creates a new archive with it. Then (s)he 
  adds the 40-something or so files to the Wrapster archive and places it in 
  their shared MP3 folder. You connect to the Napster network and search for 
  either "Win2K" or the special bitrate that Wrapster uses to "encode" its files 
  and low and behold it will appear in your search window. All you have to do 
  now to get your copy of Win2K is download it just like any other legitimate 
  MP3 file and when it's finally saved to your harddrive, just load up a copy of 
  Wrapster and extract that operating system goodness.
  Now there is this word going around that some versions of Wrapster are actually
  the trojan Sub7 (Bonus), so if you are gonna download Wrapster do it at your own risk.
  You can download version 1 here: 

  Napigator?, what is it?
  Napigator is simply a program that will provide you a list of napster servers,
  then you can choose the best server and connect to it.

  Napigator lets you see real-time server statistics and ping times. 
  Allowing you to make the decision of which server you connect to based upon 
  the number of users, files, gigabytes, and network lag. 
  Get it here:
  *Napigator is not Netscape compatable, so if you use netscape you can't use
   napigator, unless you have IE installed.

  How to Run your own Napster Server
  Generally there are two nap servers available, opennap and jnerve.
  Jnerve is a java napster server, more info visit:  
  Now about Opennap, opennap is a open source napster server, 
  you can configure it to your own preferences and then later compile it.
  You will need a Unix/Linux box to compile and keep it running 24 hours aday 
  and if you manage that you can add your server to the admin/server list at:



  Opennap is tested on the following platforms:
  Linux (alpha, i386, sparc, ppc) 
  Windows 95/98/NT/2000 

  For more information about running your own server please visit:

  KGB ([email protected]) (