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The Art Lesson

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The Art Lesson is a unique, bilingual interactive literature product that encourages children to explore and experience the story based on the original work of author Tomie dePaola. Children can read the story, hear it read to them by the author, and explore the text and living illustrations. Best of all, 14 integrated art activities let children create right along with the author! The Art Lesson even includes video clips as they explore Tomie dePaola's studio, hear him tell about his childhood experiences, and learn about his life as an author and illustrator.

In one of Tomie dePaola's best-loved children's stories, The Art Lesson, the young artist Tommy draws at home with lots of paper and colors. At school, Tommy soon learns that he doesn't have the same freedom to create. With a click of the mouse, Tomie dePaola himself narrates this delightful storybook where the pages come to life with animation, music, and sound. And, that's just the beginning of the fun. The Art Lesson is an interactive artist's tool chest with 14 entertaining activities that spring from the beautifully created pages.

There are dozens of ways to explore the story. Click on Tommy's friends and they'll come to life, telling you more about themselves. Click on a sidewalk chalk drawing, and you'll enter a place to sketch your own chalk creations. You can even explore Tomie dePaola's studio wher he tells you about the books he writes and illustrates. He may even have some advice for budding artists like Tommy.

The graphics on each page can be explored in depth, and the 14 integrated art activities will keep kids engaged for hours. It's educational and engaging interactive literature that children will want to read, explore, and return to, again and again.

  • It's a new learning experience! Children will experience and enjoy an engaging new dimension of storytelling as the book magically comes to life. It's a great way to support children's emerging literacy and foster their interest in reading.
  • It's a great learning tool! All activities are tied directly to the story, so each child becomes a participant in the storytelling experience. It's also designed so the 14 art activities can be visited many times and enjoyed over and over again.
  • It's simple to use! Children can easily navigate The Art Lesson to hear the story read by Tomie dePaola, explore the text and living illustrations, or play with the integrated art activities. It gives them a sense of independence, control, and freedom.
  • It's delightful! The Art Lesson is based on the original work of Tomie dePaola, author and illustrator of nearly 200 children's books. With video clips of Tomie, children can learn about his childhood experiences and his life today as an author and illustrator.

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