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The Complete Interactive Cookbook

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The Learning Company released The Complete Interactive Cookbook under the Compton's Home Library brand. This all new CD-ROM, based on the popular HPBooks (Salamander) series of cookbooks, features an interactive multimedia cookbook with more than 2,500 proven recipes including everyday family meals, lighter fare, vegetarian cooking and recipes for special occasions. The program's powerful search engine makes meal planning easy by enabling users to search by recipe, ingredient, category, preparation time and nutritional value.

More than a simple collection of recipes, The Complete Interactive Cookbook features over 2,000 "Chef's Tips" which provide useful information about unfamiliar ingredients, cooking terms and basic cooking techniques. More than 50 full-motion videos provide "live" demonstrations of more complicated processes. Eight thousand full-color photographs demonstrate the steps for preparing each dish and illustrate what the finished product should look like. With an attractive, intuitive interface, The Complete Interactive Cookbook is suitable for even novice computer users.

Other features of The Complete Interactive Cookbook make managing recipes, meals and shopping easy and efficient, including:

  • Recipe Management - Recipes in The Complete Interactive Cookbook can be edited to adjust ingredients based on food preferences, health needs or number of servings. In addition, users can add their own recipes. Comments can be added to recipes to record notes, likes/dislikes, ideas for alternative ingredients and more. It's also simple to scale the recipes to serve any number of people. In addition, recipes can be printed as full pages or as 3" x 5" or 4" x 6" cards.
  • Nutritional Information - Nutritional information is included for all recipes. In addition to calories, the amount of cholesterol, protein, sodium and more are included.
  • Meal Planning - Meal planning is quick and easy, with more than 50 suggested menus designed for a wide variety of occasions. And if the user needs help designing a menu, the Menu Wizard walks them through each step.
  • Shopping List Creation - Users can instantly create an organized shopping list of ingredients needed and print it for reference at the supermarket. If certain ingredients are included in several recipes, the shopping list feature combines them into one entry. For example, if two different recipes call for one onion each, the shopping list will include an entry for two onions. Items can be deleted from the list to take into account the ingredients already on hand, and additional items can be added to the list as desired.

System Requirements

The Complete Interactive Cookbook requires an IBM or compatible computer with a hard disk; 486DX/33 MHz processor or better with 8 MB of RAM (16 MB recommended); double- speed CD-ROM drive (quad-speed recommended); Windows 3.1 or higher (including Windows 95); SVGA monitor (640x480 with 256-colors, 16-bit (high color) recommended; 16- bit Windows-compatible sound card; stereo speakers or headphones; and a mouse.

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