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The Dreaded Indigo NVRAM password

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Well, I finally decided to get an old Indigo I had up and running, and it has an NV ram password. As it does not have a bootable version of IRIX, I went looking for how to reset this thing. the best explanation I found is this:

remove CPU module. locate socketed EEPROM on back plane. tape EEPROM on the end of a very long stick (you'll need the length later) reinstall CPU module. power up Indigo enter passworded menu option. reinstall EEPROM (yeah, with the long stick) with machine still on. Enter reset password command (forget the name). Enjoy! Works almost everytime. oh yeah, take the stick off.

Not really wanting to potentially fry this system, I was wondering if it would be possible to pull the chip, Install IRIX, shut down, reinstall it, and then reset the password in a much more sane fashion. Any ideas?


I think you have that one right... Your chances of being able to get a 28+ pin EPROM into a socket on the end of a stick are not real good.

A safer (but more complex) way to do it would be to put the EEPROM into a "piggyback" socket arrangement with CE* brought out to a switch. Start with the CE* line open, bring it up to the menu, then flip the switch and reset the password. Unless I'm misunderstanding the system architecture, a disabled chip should look like it's not there at all.