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The Learning Company

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The Learning Company is America's premier developer and marketer of educational and reference software for consumers and schools. Through our family of premium brands we provide software that educates across age and area of interest, from young children to adults. We distribute products globally through every consumer channel.

The popularity of our titles and our unbeatable price points are the direct result of a strong corporate vision, commitment to internal product development, licensing of innovative titles through our Studio and selective company and product acquisitions. Our brand names originate from well known industry pioneers and innovators like The Learning Company, Compton's New Media, MECC, Spinnaker, Power Up, ZSoft, WordStar, Compact, Aris, Software Marketing Corporation and SoftKey.

CD-ROM technology and worldwide markets play important roles in our future. We constantly develop and research new CD-ROM and multimedia titles and our existing core products are now available on CD-ROM. Many SoftKey products dominate their respective category or market segments, both at home and abroad, often in eight or more languages, spanning North America, Europe, Central and South America, Asia and Africa.

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