The Macintosh Secret Code-Name List

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		 The Macintosh Secret Code-Name List
      compiled by Brian Kendig (bskendig@phoenix.Princeton.EDU)
		    Third revision, 16 April 1992.

Please report corrections to me, no matter how insignificant!
You may (of course!) distribute this information freely,
but please keep my name on this list if you pass it around whole.
New info about codenames will be attributed and very much appreciated.

"Code-name" is my term for the names that machines and software get
before they are released with `official' names.  A special subdivision
of Apple has the sole responsibility of naming everything Apple makes,
but until they make up their minds, the developer engineers have to
call their gizmos _something_ while they're working on them...

These names really aren't that important any more, but some of the
names are amusing and interesting, and they might help you think up a
pet name for your new Macintosh.

Apple III:		Sara
Apple IIGS:		Cortland
Macintosh Plus:		Mr. T
Macintosh SE:		Z^2, PlusPlus, Aladdin, Freeport, Maui, Chablis
Macintosh SE/30:	Green Jade
Macintosh Classic:	X.O.
Macintosh Classic II:	Montana, Apollo
Macintosh LC:		Elsie
Macintosh LC II:	Foster Farms
Macintosh II:		Milwaukee, Ikki, Reno, Becks, Paris, Cabernet, Jonathon
Macintosh IIx:		Spock
Macintosh IIsi:		Erickson (sp?), Raffica, Raffika
Macintosh IIcx:		Aurora I, Atlantic (in an aborted 16-MHz configuration)
Macintosh IIci:		Aurora II, Pacific
Macintosh IIfx:		F-16, Stealth, F-19, Blackbird, Zone 5
Macintosh Portable:	Esprit, Malibu, Laguna
  Portable w/backlight:	Aruba
PowerBook 100:		Asahi, Derringer, Rosebud
PowerBook 140:		TIM LC, TIM Lite
PowerBook 170:		TIM
Quadra 700:		Shadow (shadow of 900), Spike (gonna spike NeXT), IIce
Quadra 900:		Darwin, Eclipse (going to eclipse the NeXT), IIex
RISC machine:		Roman, Zorro [not released yet]

Finder:			Furnishings 2000 (a defunct bay area furniture store)
Multifinder:		Juggler, Twitcher
System 6.0.4:		Antares
System 6.0.5:		Big Deal
System 7:		Big Bang, M80, Pleiades
System 7.0.1:		Road Warrior (in reference to PowerBooks), Beta Cheese
32-bit Quickdraw:	Jackson Pollack
Edition Manager:	Diet Coke
Layer Manager:		Glass Plus
Data Access Manager:	SnarfMan
AppleScript:		Cheez Whiz [not released yet]
Sound Manager:		DJ, Party Line
TrueType:		Bass (for Bass-o-matic)
QuickTime:		Project Warhol (an early version, the `warhol' init,
			  had the icon of a Campbell's soup can)
AppleShare 3.0:		Holy Hand Grenade
			(The System 7 File Sharing Extension's creator is
			  'hhgg', which might be from this but also seems to
			  refer to the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".)
FileShare:		Killer Rabbit  (Lots of Python fans work for Apple...)
ATalk Remote Access:	976
speech recognition:	Casper [not released yet]
text retrieval:		Reporter [not released yet]
pen-based computer:	Newton [not released yet]

Apple IIGS video cards:	Gumby, Pokey
			  (one of these became the Video Overlay Card)
Macintosh Plus keybd:	Nimitz
Apple Extended keybd:	Saratoga
			(because it's the size of an aircraft carrier;
			  prototypes were adorned with small model aircraft)
Apple 400Mb hard drive:	Eagle
StyleWriter:		Tabasco
LaserWriter LS:		Nike
LaserWriter IIf:	Kirin Dry
LaserWriter IIg:	Kirin
Apple Two-Page Display:	Kong
Apple OneScanner:	HalfDome
Apple ISDN NuBus Card:  CarCraft

Apple File Exchange:	Renault
HyperCard:		WildCard (hence the creator code 'WILD')
  HyperCard 2.0:	Snow

???			Red Jade
???			Blue Jade
???			Gold Jade
something in the Unix group:	Tylenol

Macintosh 128k ROMs (in the Plus and below) had chip codes which began
with the letters L and H and were therefore nicknamed appropriately
(for example, "Lonely Hearts"), while the chip codes of the
32-bit-wide CPUs use the letters A, B, C, D ("Ala Baster Can Delabra").

The Apple Developer CD's also have interesting names:
  Volume 1: Phil and Dave's Excellent CD
  Volume 2: Phil and Dave's Excellent CD (Release Version)
  Volume 3: A Disc Called Wanda
  Volume 4: Discy Business (The Real One)
  Volume 5: Night of the Living Disc
  Volume 6: Gorillas in the Disc
  Volume 7: Lord of the Files

Thanks to J. D. Sterling Babcock, Chris Barrus, John Cavallino, Philip
Craig, Christopher Davis, Jeff Fritz, Pascal Gosselin, John Kono,
Benjamin Kuo, Mark Lanett, Michael Newbery, Alberto Ricci, Matthew
Russotto, Mike Steiner, Ed Tecot,, Evan Torrie,
Mark Wilkins, and Dean Yu for the information here.

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