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The Yukon Trail

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Travel back in time with The Yukon Trail -- the only adventure simulation that brings you into contact with the challenge, adventure, excitement, risk, and rewards of the 1897 Klondike Gold Rush. You'll re-live history, discover American geography, and uncover the rich Alaskan culture as you search for gold. On your way to Dawson City and the promise of gold, you'll race against time, brave raging rapids, and make life-or-death choices. Decide what supplies you'll need in order to survive the journey. Buy supplies from street vendors along the way. With good problem-solving skills -- and a little luck -- you'll strike it rich in the Klondike!

The Yukon Trail takes kids back in time to experience the legendary Klondike Gold Rush first-hand. In a race for gold, kids will brave obstacles of nature and face the life-or-death decisions of a Klondike traveler. They must choose their own trail over the mountains and weigh the advice of other adventurers to make their journey a success. On their expedition, kids may wager on a game of cards or a dog-sled race. If they play their cards right, they may even get rich quick. But don't bet on it! They may lose everything and miss their chance to strike gold in the Klondike! Kids will enjoy the challenge and adventure when history comes to life on The Yukon Trail -- the newest Trailblazing adventure from MECC.

Features and Benefits

  • Experience first-hand one of the most famous and exciting periods in history
  • Build problem-solving skills with multiple decision-making options
  • Record your trip -- and practice writing -- with the built-in journal
  • Watch geography come to life with this interactive simulation

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