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Titan NEPTUNE Extended 80-Column Card

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The 80-column video display card, enhanced with on-board RAM designed expressly for the auxiliary slot of the Apple IIe. Comes complete with VC-EXPAND/80 software to expand VisiCalc up to approximately 220K of usable memory. Also includes MOVEDOS memory enhancer, plus PSEUDO-DISK disk emulation software for PASCAL, CP/M and DOS. Available with 64K, 128K or 192K RAM; smaller memory versions are fully upgradeable.

Titan's exclusive Neptune Extended 80-Column Card gives you increased video display and up to 192K of extra memory by using just the auxiliary slot of your Apple IIe. And you can select from three versions- 64K, 128K or a full 192K of RAM. The card consists of three banks of 64K dynamic RAM chips, which can be bank-switched into and out of the auxiliary RAM address space of the Apple IIe. Partially populated cards (64K and 128K versions) can be upgraded to 192K simply by plugging in chips from the Neptune upgrade kit. The built-in 80-column firmware of the Apple IIe is fully supported by all Neptune cards.

We've even included software to relocate DOS into the top 16K (built-in language card) of the Apple IIe, freeing up 10K of user memory. With MOVEDOS, you can generate a turnkey system by using INIT to create a copy of the relocated DOS. Later, the disk can be booted - even from power up - to automatically load DOS into the bank-switched memory in one simple step.

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