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In 1981, we introduced our famous Saturn multi-bank RAM card to boost the Apple's memory by 32K. Now, we also offer 64K and 128K versions for even greater power.

Each Saturn RAM board performs all the functions of a language card. More important, its extra banks of RAM give you loads of memory space for BASIC, VisiCalc, Multiplan and much more. You can even use your RAM boards like a speedy disk drive. Save time accessing data, and save wear and tear on your floppy drives! Saturn boards are a super aid for advanced word processing, data base management, spreadsheet, and accounting applications. They're ideal with PASCAL, CP/M and BASIC too.

Saturn RAM boards incorporate high-reliability, pre-tested dynamic RAM chips with low-power consumption. Slip any Saturn RAM board into any slot in your Apple, Franklin, Basis or most other Apple compatibles. There's no jumper cable to bother with. And you can use our cards - or other standard RAM boards - in combination for sensational enhancements. Imagine 176K of VisiCalc workspace, or 256K of data storage on your fast access PSEUDO-DISK!

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