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Custom Toolchest Menus

If you're tired of program icons littering your desktop, or find navigating pages in Icon Catalog less than speedy this might be of interest: create some custom menu items in the Toolchest for fast application launching.

Adding new menus is relatively easy, just create a new ~/.auxchestrc file such as the following example:

Menu Tools
no-label f.separator
"Aterm Shell" "/usr/local/bin/aterm -tr -sh 50 -bg black -fg cyan -sl 1500"
"EmiClock" "/usr/freeware/bin/emiclock"
"AkaneClock" "/usr/local/bin/akaneclock"
"Nedit" "/usr/freeware/bin/nedit"
"Mozilla" "/usr/freeware/bin/mozilla"
"GQmpeg" "/usr/local/bin/gqmpeg"
"Gmemusage" "/usr/sbin/gmemusage"
"XnView" "/usr/sbin/xnview"

Menu ToolChest

no-label f.separator
"Tools" Tools

Simply change Tools to whatever you'd like the menu to read (i.e. Graphics, Web, etc.) but ensure that you change all three instances above. The screenshot at the head of this article provides an example of what the custom menu will look like in use.

Log out/in to try out the new menu.

Install, delete or amend toolchest entries

To modify the toolchest systemwide edit /usr/lib/X11/system.chestrc or /usr/lib/X11/nodesktop.chestrc. Or, you need to create a .chestrc in your home directory for this.